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Verne Troyer Sex Tape

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Video

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Video

That’s right ladies and gentlemen Verne Troyer sex tape video AKA Mini Me has leaked to the net with his nice little hot brunette ex-girlfriend Ranae who had nothing against little people as we can see int he sex tapes.

The Verne Troyer sex tape video is well let’s just say one of a kind, as Verne mounts then Girlfriend Ranae Shrider and actually does a pretty good job at pleasing her over and over again. However, the video just seems really weird to us, kinda like watching a baby try and fuck a full grown woman and just could not get over that issue. The run time of the video is about 30min and the one thing that we thought was crazy was that his tongue reminded us a lot of Gene Simons as it is huge, long and pointy…so Verne shows us if you can’t get it done with your dingy use your tongue as your backup plan.

Is Verne showing us size doesn’t matter? Take a look at the sex tapes and decide for yourself!

Calls to Verne’s reps came back to us finally: “No comment” LOL!

[UPDATE] – There is new video of what is said to be Verne at the playboy mansion getting a hand err… finger job by some sexy looking bleached blond while others are dancing and she was able to make the little guy sing!

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