Tulisa Contostavlos Sex Tape Video

That’s right the Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape video with her ex-boyfriend and well known London Rapper/MC – Justin Edwards AKA “MC Ultra” has leaked to the internet.

The video shows Tulisa well known for her stint on X-Factor giving her then boyfriend Justin head before a gig. Justin simply walks up to Tulisa and pulls his pants down and Tulisa has no delay to immediately go down on him and relive his stress before he gets on stage. Justin and Tulisa broke up and Justin was kind of pissed about the whole thing so he told his friends that he put a sex tapes of Himself and Tulisa on the net and to take a look. Well 10 seconds later the “private” video was public and the rest is history.

When Tulisa was asked about the video she replied “yes it is real and yes it is me, however I am very disappointed in Justin for stooping so low.” Justin was unavailable for comment and his managers said he was to busy to deal with this issue at this time.

Calls to Tulisa’s management team have not been returned as we expected.

[UPDATE] – Tulisa has gone on record for us finally: “I did what I did and hope that people can see me for who I am not for some scandal that happened to leak to the public and I am very happy that most people I have seen talk about the video have only been positive and not negative of me.”

  • London Mix

    Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape is well known in London as her man Justin told everyone around the mixing scene that he had the video and was going to post it. Well Justin made good on his word as we can all see LOL!

  • Bin Leon


  • Allan Jetto

    Nice work Justin Edwards. Got any more?

    • Webb

      Kinda shity of him leaking the video of Tulisa like that right when she became famous.

  • samiam

    Contostavlos = Greek for suckalottadick. LOL!!

  • cat

    Damn Tulisa is working over that dude. What the hell is she famous for?


      Tulisa is best known in Britin for being a member of the now defunct Camden-based hip hop group N-Dubz, with her cousin Dappy and their friend Fazer.

  • Nerd-Power

    I know her personally and she is a way cool chick to bad dude was such a douch bag and leaked the video. She was pissed as can be at him for doing that but what are you going to do?

  • feaver

    Those panties she is wearing look the same as the ones she has on in the video LOL!

    • Quagmire


  • lofts

    Tulisa or Tula Paulinea is also a judge on the x-factor I believe that is why she is so famous.

  • OhioBound

    All I know is the girl has skills in the BJ arena maybe she should be a contestant on X-Factor instead of a judge.

    • James

      I love the X-FACTOR show I DVR it and watch it when I get home from work.

  • Webb

    Reality shows spit out so many sex tapes. There is like 20+ of them and bound to be many more in the near future. SexTape is in the right business for sure.


    • anonymous

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  • Tire Stores

    Tulisa is a hottie!

    • nibblebutt

      Damn Right!

  • Maraco

    Yup Tulisa sex tape is a good one I agree with most everyone here. British chick huh? Those girls are usually freaks and this only helps to prove the myth.

  • richard

    so she was what 19 when she did this or older? She looks super young in the video.

    • RedRocket

      Nah, I think she was in her early 20’s. She was really pissed at the dude that leaked it I guess he is some famous younger generation club DJ.

  • Beth_6.3

    According to reports: Simon Cowell said that the sextapes would not affect her employement on The X Factor. afterwords she recorded a video response in which she clarified the sextapes where in fact real on her YouTube account “Tulisaconto”,and stated that she was heartbroken and devastated by Justin Edwards’ release of the video.

  • nipple

    I like it very much thank you

  • furyke

    Tulisa took the whole thing ok with Justin doing what he did. To bad he did not hold out could have sold the video for some big cash to someone I am sure then if marketed right could have been huge!

  • k?

    She is a singer songwriter now right? What season was she on the X-Factor?

    • Made$$

      She was on season 8 I believe.

  • greed

    Her sextapes are pretty good, she does take care of the guy. But if I was him I would have not leaked the videos (he is kind of small HEHE).