Taylor Swift Sex Tape Video

Taylor Swift is now wrapped up in her very own sex tape video scandal after reports of the Taylor Swift sex tape video featuring Taylor with musician John Mayer who has slept with just about every hot ass celeb in Hollywood.

The video supposedly shows Taylor who me might add has said she is still a virgin going down on John and “taking care of business” while he holds his camera phone recording the entire thing on video. John also films himself playing with Taylor’s private area while she is tending to his needs. The videos are said to be about 30min in length and filmed in decent but not high quality video and the public seems to think without a doubt it is Taylor and John.

John was recently asked about the videos in question and replied “no comment at this time” Taylor Swift has been unavailable for comment. Taylor was also accused of making a sex tape video with her former lover Joe Jonas and John has also been busted in several sex tapes as he seems to be the celebrities re-bound dude for some reason.

Calls to Taylor’s reps have not been returned as of yet…

[UPDATE] – Taylor has checked herself into rehab for private issues and then shortly was released saying that it was all just a misunderstanding… weird.


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  1. OMG I love Taylor Swift did anyone see her last concert in Austin Tx, my god she is so beautiful. The show was awesome and she really puts on a great performance. I will be watching these sex tapes for sure, love to see some naked Taylor booty ;)

  2. John Mayer is such a slut is there a celebrity he has not banged yet? He always goes after fresh divorced women, what an ass hole. Taylor is such a good person, sucks these sex tapes are now around.

  3. Taylor Swift is not so innocent as people may think I grew up in the same neighborhood as her and she was a bit of a slut puppy. She has been singing her entire life so she better be good. I am not that impressed with her music but would love to see these nude sex tape videos.

    • Frog are u saying that taylor swift isn’t a virgin? if u are then how many men & women do u think taylor has slept with?

  4. Taylor Swift not a good singer FROG? I think you have been smoking too much as she has one of the very best voices on the planet. Open your ears and stop jerking off so much.

  5. i know shes so hot and so sexy ive already seen the sex tape she so hot when shes naked i am her boyfriend

  6. Hey guys just a quick heads up you can download all this artists music files at Last.fm in tons of formats like: flv, avi, quick time, mov, wmv, wav, wma, mpeg, mp3, mp4 and more. The site is pretty damn awesome if you like music and want to download this specific celebrities work. As far as the sex tape though, you will need to get that from here at SexTape.com as Last.fm only has the music that has made the celebrity famous in the first place. SexTape is a great site btw… a one of a kind and yes I am a member. ;)