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Snoop Dogg Sex Tape

Snoop Dogg Sex Tape Video

Snoop Dogg Sex Tape Video

That’s right bitches, American rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. better known as “Snoop Dogg” or now as “Snoop Lion” has several videos of him getting his now rastaman willy taken care of by some of the hottest women in the industry.

There is several videos and to talk about them all would be like writing a book, so we will just hit on a couple of the longer ones. As we all know Snoop tested the waters as porn producer a while back and was caught on video several times testing the female actresses assets before they began filming the actual porn videos that he was the producer of. All told there is about 2hrs of several chicks taking care of the rapper and several of his close personal entourage. The other set of videos is mostly girls in the tour bus getting knocked up by as many guys are in the bus at the time. There is video of a girl giving Snoop head while she jerks off 2 other dudes and you see several men walking by grabbing tit or smacking her in the ass and she never misses a beat (no pun intended).

Snoop and his high school sweetheart wife Shante Taylor where married the entire time of his extramarital affairs and finally filed for divorce, but later in 2008 reconciled and are still together today.

Calls to Snoop’s reps confirmed the video authenticity and was told “Pimps do what pimps do end of story”. Short but sweet… Snoop is a pimp in our book for sure!

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