Shauna Sand Sex Tape Video

Shauna Sand ex-wife to Lorenzo Lamas has been caught up in a very hardcore full length sex tape scandal with her meaty ex-boyfriend and we now have the full Shauna Sand sex tape video to prove the rumors true!

After the video first leaked Shauna said she had made the videos for personal use, however after seeing the sex tape we call bullshit, she knew damn well what she was doing the entire time and that is trying to follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and her success with a sex tape video leak. If these celebrities keep saying it was an accident then stop talking to the camera like you are talking with the public.

The Shauna Sand sex tape video rights where bought by Vivid and features Shauna taking it in multiple positions and yes, those lips do a hell of a awesome blowjob! Is there anyone in the house Shauna has not sucked off like a pro?! The male in the video is pretty damn big in his lower area and Shauna loves every bit of it the entire time. This sex tape we must warn you is very nasty and a bit hardcore with anal and a nice pearl necklace ;)

Calls to Shauna’s reps have been returned and here is the comment: “Yes, the Shauna Sands sex tape videos are real and we are working on distribution settlement” Ah we see… it was set up ;)


  1. Lorenzo Lamas was one lucky a$$ mo fo. Anybody know whos face shes sitting on now? Ill be back to look for the answer! TRUST ME!

    • She’s been married and divorced like 3 times now. But I’m sure her pillow doesn’t get that lonely at night : )

    • You are crazy!! You obviously did not watch this vid then! Shauna Sand is not only one hella of a nice piece of woman, she couldn’t possibly be any naughtier in her sex tape. Perhaps you’re referring to mini-me’s tape. Yeah, that not only did it not do anything for me but didn’t do a thing for the poor girly in the vid : )

    • Shauna Sand is one fine piece of woman!! You are obviously watching the wrong vid : ).

  2. Lets rub noses like the eskimosis and warm up the night with a bright light.

  3. Shauna Sand and Laurent Homburger kick each others ass all the time, always getting in trouble for domestic abuse. The Shauna Sand sex tape though was pretty damn good I must say. Though any idiot can see the video was set up. The doggy-style sex was the best as she is not shy at all hehe.

    • Taking it from behind 101. Check out Shauna Sand here. All together now – damn!!

    • Those two were married like 3 months too. Already beating each others asses.

  4. Seen the sex tape and must say she is very good. But I think her body is entirely made up of plastic LOL

  5. Shauna Sand is a spoiled chick from her former mate. I saw the video and liked it but seemed as though she was trying to hard to make the sex tape work for her. Shauna really focused on trying to make sure she beat Kim Kardashian like she said it would but it did not as we all figured.

    • She wanted the title of miss celeb sex queen. Good luck though. Tough to beat Kim

    • This is a fantastic tape!! She’s all out nasty and the video has good production value. Sweetness!!

  6. This girl is a hot fucking mess! She’s only been married a zillion times now. At some point it’s all for show right?! Though I’d take her on as my next ex

  7. This one is nothing but an exhibitionist. She seems to always be caught up in a sex scandal where she’s getting fucked somewhere outdoors. Or maybe she just loves mother nature!

  8. Shauna Sand is so super fine. I’m so glad she did this for us to enjoy!