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Roxana Diaz Sex Tape

Roxana Diaz Sex Tape Video

Roxana Diaz Sex Tape Video

Roxana Diaz is big in her home country of Venezuela, and has done quite a bit of television work over the past 10 years, now she is known by every man, woman and child in Venezuela for the Roxana Diaz sex tape video that involved sex with objects and her boyfriend Jorge Reyes.

The Roxana Diaz sex tape video shows footage of Roxana Diaz having sex with boyfriend (and fellow actor we might add) Jorge Reyes and well… large fruit, toys and other objects laying around the house. In the sex tapes that can be said to be one of the most graphic homemade videos ever released Roxana gets a very large cucumber jammed in her cootchie by her boyfriend and he proceeds to drill her extremely hard with it and anything large around the house that he could fit in her and even tried some things that where just too big to fit. LOL

We are not sure what any man would be doing sticking anything other than their own cock in a o so sexy Roxana, but hey to each his own right and maybe she enjoys it instead of just doing it to please him… either way if you like object sex and/or know about this scandal it is a must see for sure.

Calls to Roxana’s reps have never been returned, though she has been in the local media many times and seemed to not really care about the videos being leaked. NO FEAR! We like it!

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