Rihanna Sex Tape Video

Reports surfaced in 2011 that r&b hip hop singer Rihanna had made a nude celebrity video with rapper J. Cole and the video was now up for sale featuring the couple getting down and dirty for about 15min after they had attended a party together and got sauced. As we know Rihanna is not new to scandal as she also had nude exposed content of her and Chris Brown that was verified the real deal and there was also talks that the two of them had made tapes of themselves as well.

An anonymous source told Media Take Out most recently that he had obtained the alleged sex tape of Rihanna and Cole sending screen shots to several websites, which showed a woman with bright red hair, the exact kind Rihanna has been rocking at the time… getting busy with a man who was the spitting image of J Cole. Grainy screen shots are definitely cause to cast some doubts on just how real the tape might be, but adult entertainment company Hustler Inc. went on record confirming they have the sex tape featuring the two super performers in their possession and will be launching the video to the net after all legal issues have been “worked out”. The two were on tour together earlier this year and media reports that the rapper did lose his cellphone, Rihanna immediately took to Twitter to deny the tape exists as expected since she still loves Chris Brown. Personally we here at SexTape.com have always prided ourselves on show us the money, so until we see it for ourselves, unfortunately we would have to say it does not exist as of yet. However as we all know to well is that RiRi is definitely not camera shy, so the chances are increasing!

Rihanna’s management has been contacted on the Rihanna sex tape video and said “We are declining comment at this time and ask for privacy in the matter” Don’t they all in the beginning though?! We will definitely being watching this one real close and as soon as we hear anything solid we will of course let you guys know. ;)

[UPDATE] – Rihanna was asked by paparazzi about all the nude pictures and video that has been making rounds of her and she replied: “Shit happens.” Short, sweet and straight to the point, just how we like it!

[UPDATE] – Not that it is news now but more leaked nude content of Rihanna hit the net this week showing the hip hop super star in some very naughty positions. Leaked nude content of Rihanna now seems to happen damn near every week, keep em’ coming Rihanna we love you!

[UPDATE] – Several people were recently at at Manchester’s Zouk Bar & Restaurant including Rihanna and Drake when all of a sudden RiRi got up with Drake and went in the same bathroom and told a customer to get the fuck out please. Then the two supposedly went at it like a couple rabbits as Drake exited the bathroom looking a bit flush (haha!) and shortly there after comes Rihanna adjusting her stuff. This was all caught on tape by not one but two customers at the restaurant. Awesome!

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    Rihanna is my girl… thanks for the help guys I seen the video now.

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    • Splanded Holmes

      For sure Riri has a great booty but the rest of her body is pretty damn good to and she knows it, that is why she always allows all her nude content to go live and she does not care at all. It is expected now that when Rihanna leaks a photo or video she will be naked.

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  • rick harris

    All who would love to bone Rihanna raise your hands! Chris is such a idiot what she saw in him is just crazy especially after he beat her ass down.

    • Toby

      I, me *hand being raised* LMAO!

    • Chris Brown

      I did not beat her she walked in to my big dick

    • Caddie

      Shit man having sex on tape with Rihanna, sign my ass up!!!!! I had seen on TMZ that they reported there was a bunch of xxx content of Rihanna that was leaked is that where the Rihanna sex tape videos came from? Good find for sure, I am surprised this is not in the news more, I mean shit you can totally see it is her for real, no question about it.

  • troy locker

    Rihanna is a firecracker just waiting to explode in a full blow sextape! Can’t wait!!!

  • Busted

    I do like Rihanna for sure, she is very comfortable with her sexuality and that sir is hot! Chris on the other hand looks like a fucking donky, what a twit Rihanna can do much better than his ghetto ass.

    • Tom

      Like you maybe?? LOL. I sense a tad of jealousy in your comment… Don’t be a hater, man up and take care of your business!

  • Alan P

    You all are crazy!! I wouldnt give her the crust out of my underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paris France

      You must not have seen the Rihanna sex tape or her nude photos. Rihanna is super fucking hot and you are either retarded or racist if you don’t think so.

  • Toby

    Rihanna is one fine ass black girl… is she mixed with something or just straight light skinned black? Either way I would fuck the shit out of her given the chance ;)

    • cat

      Her parent are both black, she just came out light skinned. err I mean sexy hahaha

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  • Celebrity Girl Gossip Chick

    Rihanna is right up there on my list of pussies to eat along with Kim Kardashian. I am gay yes but come over and I would have you girls never even want to be with another man guaranteed! Still waiting on that Rihanna sex tape but the nude pictures and footage can get me by for my Rihanna fix for a while longer. I would love to see her getting ate out though, man what a fucking treat that would be!

    • Morning Wood

      Damn girl tell it like it is. I bet you are a freak in the bedroom….. You need to come back over to wanting to bang males, hit me up I can switch you bake to liking hot dogs instead of just the bun ;)

  • JamirT2

    Rihanna and Chris are fighting like cats and dogs again. The other night they where seated close to each other and they where both pissed red face and all. They just need to have some ruff make-up sex and all will be good again.

    • London Mix

      Make-Up sex is always the best!

  • Tyler pee

    Chris Brown can take a dive off a bridge. Hes an asshole!!!!

  • Brant The Man

    No thank you sextape. I think black on black sex is just disgusting to watch.

  • Kissimmeehere

    Rihanna is doing Oprah! That is I guess Oprah is going to do an interview with her. But hey who knows – Oprah/Rihanna sex tape? Heads would explode!

  • Nicole

    Well Chris Brown might do 9 years for making criminal threats. But didn’t Rihanna take him back? Didn’t think that one through, did ya honey?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003452601385 Karolina

      HI! I think I would also get her the new rihanna CD (Its caleld LOUD just in case your wondering) and If you have money left over I would either get her a gift card to one of her favorite places to shop or get her a do it at home nail kit (I think one of the names of the nail kit is caleld ms. manicure you could try looking that up online to see where they sell it) Good Luck!

    • PirateBayFreak

      So is the dude Chris Brown or Drake in the Rihanna sex tape? I want to go check it out, do they allow you to actually download the full video in the members area?

  • safetree6

    Chris Brown can suck it. Not mine mind you. But it he may go suck

  • jerrys got kids

    Rihanna is one fine ass black chic. Chris Brown definitely doesn’t deserve any of that!

  • amy

    Verry good

  • buildit

    Riahann sex tape video with Chris and anyone is suprised? How many nude photos leaked of Rihanna always running around half naked. The girl loves to be nude and so be it. But damn wish she would have made a sex tape with someone other than Chris Brown that guy just rubs me the wrong way.


      True that Rihanna is naked about 80% of the time or showing one of her private parts. Which is nice

  • Tammy_H

    They look so happy in the video, like they are in total love.

    • Buda

      Yeah until Chris beats her ass again… Once an abuser always an abuser. BTW where did you guys get the video and pics I had no idea Rihanna and Chris did that holy crap, surprised this was not bigger news. Rihanna’s naked butt looks perfect!

    • Christmas Cookie

      That’s the way that all celebrities start out… They are all happy making porn videos with each other and boom, they break up and there ya have the Rihanna sex tape porn video is born and leaked to the web. Having pissed off boyfriends and homemade porn videos is bound to hit the web. I think the Rihanna and Chris nude celeb tapes are the real deal and have no idea why anyone is questioning them.

  • cat

    All I know is Rihanna needs to get far away from Chris Brown.

  • GoofBallz

    Damn Rihanna naked, nude and exposed what is new? She is always showing the world her stuff. Not suprised at all that she has sex tapes, I would not be surprised at all.


    Rihanna is so damn cute and I am not that big into black girls but she is very sexy for sure! I would watch the Rihanna sex tapes.

  • clutch

    Rihanna is always getting busted naked and now she is back together with Chris Brown, just wait more sex tapes are on the way I bet.

  • macus carter

    One thing about these people is that they intentional leak the videos themselves

  • ekstrak ikan gabus

    Gorgeous !!!

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  • RiRi Fan

    Rihanna and Drake busted having sex in a restaurant bathroom that is most awesome! I double checked and yes it in fact did happen at the restaurant in Europe. Good reporting guys!!!!!!

    • Gary WWE

      Drake and Rihanna’s sex tape gonna be dope bitches. Riri is a bar above the rest of them celebs.

  • R.I.P.

    This woman has no shame… I bet the pervs and paparazzi love her ass.

    • Drake

      Damn right… I got the lube sitting right here next to me!


    This is confirmed with us as well World Star Hip Hop website she does have nasty content and has been trying to get it blocked. Why, she would try and block it we have no idea as you guys are all right she really does not care who sees her nude. But all that said yeah she has some issues with some video content with both Chris Brown and Drake. Those two dudes just seem to constantly trade girls. Like when Chris Brown has a girl Drake then goes after her and vise verse. Acting like a couple little kids. She was mine first!! haha anyways check out world star hip hop we have tons of ebony celebrity news. Peace Out Yo!

  • Sylvester The Cat

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, I would not touch Rihanna with a 10 foot pole. I think she is not a cute girl naturally…… Money can buy you stuff like fashion and makeup to make you look good but the question is how do you look without the makeup and from what I have seen with her not having makeup on I think she is not that cute.

    • Riri Fan

      You serious I think Rihanna looks great with or without makeup… I guess you have not seen her most recent nude stuff. She has no makeup and is butt ass naked. She looks much better than many other celebs that paint the shit on.

  • MRbanks

    So is Rihanna a cautionary tale or an inspration? I love all of her stuff, but wtf with Bobby, I mean Chris Brown? And that’s another thing, if you date a super star and your last name’s Brown why the kickin the shit out of them? Can’t we all just get along . . . maybe run off together and sing “let’s go fly a kite”.

  • CN

    Rihanna is so super bad ass. I have seen her nude pictures and her nasty little home video tapes and that girl has a body fit for a god, you can bounce a quarter off that booty! Her attitude is also sexy and that my friends is the double trifecta!!!!!

  • Roberto

    Rihanna’s nude celeb sextapes. Sign me up please I would like to watch the full porn movies.

  • Riri Fan

    This celeb has no problems being caught nude at all, hell Rihanna nude tapes is something I had no doubt would happen sooner or later. People and the media hate on Rihanna for being naked all the time and showing her junk through all those see through outfits, but I say you go with your bad self Riri. Haters going to hate regardless of what you do, so if you like flaunting what you have do it and do it well. I only wish more celebrities were like her. So is she dating Chris or Drake now? I can’t seem to keep up as she keeps switching back and forth between the two. Maybe this is why they are always fighting with each other. I know I would fight for Rihanna’s love, no doubt about that.

  • Rock Star Workers

    Seen the Rihanna porn videos and her nude pics…. liked em’ both! She needs to do more please.

  • Rory.Coons

    Is that a joint in Rihanna’s mouth? Ha ha that girl does not even put down a joint when getting fucked on video. That’s a true 420 friendly smoker!

    • Mr. Big

      Girls who are comfortable with showing they smoke weed are awesome and having a Rihanna sex tape video of her fucking and smoking a joint in between sessions is mind blowing sweetness.

  • bloker

    I have downloaded all of Rihanna’s porn videos and photos and must say I am now a big fan of Rihanna. I also like how when she is standing there completely nude with everything showing you can see she was playing call of duty on the tele in the background. lol walking around naked, smoking weed and playing Call Of Duty. Rihanna is the type of girl any man would kill for.

  • Me

    Rianna is so cool. I love her.

  • Mr. Big

    I would like to watch the real full Rihanna sex tape videos on her tour bus. Where do I download the video?

  • Willy0Force

    Rihanna has got to be the coolest chick on the planet… wtf she is doing fucking with Leonardo Dicaprio is beyond me. Leo has gotten so fat and out of shape it is kind of nasty.

  • Jerry

    Yup I agree with the masses, Rihanna seems like one of the coolest girls on the planet. She is sexy, has no problem being nude, smokes pot daily and likes to party with the boys. Oh and the bitch is super rich. Does it get any better than that? I think Chris is an idiot for letting this one go. Hey Rihanna, I am single and absolutely love your naked ass and would love to make tons of sex tapes with you! Call me babe ;)

  • Kerr R. Thompson

    Drake leaked the tape after the most recent fight they had out of spite I bet.