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Penelope Cruz Sex Tape

Penelope Cruz Sex Tape Video

Penelope Cruz Sex Tape Video

Penelope Cruz known for dating celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey and now married to Javier Bardem has been busted in what is said to be the awesome Penelope Cruz sex tape video with Matthew McConaughey that was filmed the same time that they filmed the movie Sahara together and ended up becoming an item.

The video of what is said to be Penelope and Mathew was taken on a cell phone (we are assuming it was Matthew’s as the sex tapes seem to have been filmed at his house in Austin, TX) and the video is a bit shaky though we completely understand from the fun that was going on. Anyways, the video shows the power couple smoking a bit of marijuana on a balcony overlooking beautiful Lake Travis and then after some joking around the video get’s serious as she ends up going down on McConaughey and the mobile recording device drops but continues to record the entire sexual session.

Calls to Penelope or McConaughey reps have not been returned unfortunately… however, Penelope Cruz has been known to be a bit sue happy and we would like to reiterate that we are not saying if it is the power celeb couple either way all we know is the resemblance is really close and recent stories about the sex tapes match up with the video content. We leave it up to the public to decide for themselves after watching the videos. Penelope has also had several hot steamy nude sex scenes with some of today’s top leading celebrity men and of course you should check those all out as well even though they are not real sex tapes seeing Penelope getting the high hard one but naked is just something that feels so right ;)

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