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Paris Hilton Sex Tape

Paris Hilton Sex Tape Video

Paris Hilton Sex Tape Video

American hotel heiress, socialite, television personality, business woman, fashion designer, entrepreneur, model, actress, producer, author and wannabe singer Paris Hilton made her dirty little home videos with ex idiot boyfriend Rick Salomon back in 2003 bouncing her into A list celeb status in what seemed to be overnight after the leak of the Paris Hilton sex tape video or better known as “One Night In Paris”.

In the Paris Hilton sex tape video Paris is at a fancy hotel, more than likely a Hilton with then boyfriend Rick Salomon who we might add is very well endowed getting ready to go to a party. The video features Paris with Rick behind the camera filming the entire sexual meeting and includes everything that you would think would be in a quality sex video. There is also several leaked private nude photos which were stolen from her house 2004. Paris Hilton is one celeb that has had more nude content leaked than any other celebrity to date due in part because of the way she likes to party almost every single night and is well known to “get around with the boys”. Keep in mind though we tell you everything that has been going on with Paris, she is still one of our favorites of all time ;)

When we contacted Paris Hilton’s management team after the leak of the One Night In Paris sex tape video and they confirmed: “yes the sex tapes are of Paris Hilton and the real deal… and at this time we ask for your privacy in this matter.” To late… DOH!

[UPDATE] – More leaked footage has been released to the net of Paris on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean and yes ladies and gentlemen… she is of course nude, drunk and having a good time showing everyone her private parts.

[UPDATE] – Paris recently had a cell phone stolen at Club Pure in Las Vegas and shortly after several hundred nude pictures and video content have leaked to the net. Paris said she was very pissed someone would do that to her and is pretty sure she knows who did it and will be taking care of the situation legally.

[UPDATE] – If you remember, Paris Hilton was recently the butt end of a joke by Kim Kardashian on the reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Reminder: Kim was asked if she had a night vision camera and her reply was “No, That was Paris”. Well, Paris while at Club Pure in Las Vegas was asked what she thought about the comment by Kim recently and her reply was “At least I didn’t take it in the ass… no Just Kidding” LOL! We think she was not “Just Kidding”… and this was well super funny! We smell a cat fight coming soon!

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