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Pamela Anderson Sex Tape

Pamela Anderson Sex Tape Video

Pamela Anderson Sex Tape Video

The Pamela Anderson sex tape video is a rare classic and I am pretty sure every fan of celebrity sex tapes has seen at least one of her super hot sex tapes.

Both Tommy Lee and Bret Michaels left a good memory for all Pam sex tape video lovers. The first one was done with drummer Tommy Lee who though known to be a great drummer is now known to have a huge willy that many a women have had. The video shows Pam and Tommy on a little boat vacation where Tommy is played with in the car, then on the boat several times and lastly on the way home. Pamela then was caught up in a scandal with Bret Michaels where the two where at a local motel getting it on like a couple bunnies in heat. We assume Pam has a thing for rock stars as she has said to have been with several over the years.

Both videos where filmed using camcorders from back in the 90′s so quality is not great but would be considered pretty good overall. There is also several close ups of Pam and we must say that we understand why all these rockers always fight over her her cootchie is absolutely perfect!

Calls to Pam’s reps have been returned “These video where never meant for public viewing and I still can not belive that someone stole them out of our safe at home and was able to leak them. I guess next time we will put them in a safe deposit box or something as no one can seem to be trusted anymore!” Very true Pam, very true ;)

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