Olivia Munn Sex Tape Video

This just in… A site has leaked what appears to nude photos and video of sexy Maxim cover girl Olivia Munn, though she quickly hit up Twitter saying the Olivia Munn sex tape video was not her even though she had recently had a home theft in which “private items” where taken.

The video is about 4min of what appears to be Munn or someone that looks a hell of a lot like the actress giving an un-known male (you never see his face though he is sporting an Air Force tattoo) a very intense blowjob, there is also several nude pics taken at different times as she is wearing different outfits and the pictures where taken from a few different media products.

Olivia was furious when the photos and videos where leaked and went on Twitter within minutes of hearing about the content with denials that the content was authentic.

Calls to Olivia’s reps have not been returned as of yet, but after her Twitter rant we kind of know where she stands on the entire scandal. Olivia also supposedly told a close personal friend at a club that she really hopes the tapes do not leak as she did not like the way her ass looked in them. Ahhh we think your ass is just great! ;)

  • jumper

    Olivia Munn is the best thing to happen to Hollywood right how. Half Asian and drop dead gorgeous?! Breath of fresh air for sure. I can understand why she’s denying the leaked video. She’s supposed to be dating someone at the moment right? That never goes over well with a prospective boyfriend that you were caught being filmed blowin the d#ck of another guy.

  • robber baron

    Oh my!! This one is going to go far. I mean not because of her oral skills mind you. But she is a knockout and super talented and a hard worker. Certainly a recipe for a good time!

  • Jj

    Move over Megan Fox hello Olivia Munn!!

  • aaple

    I guess she posed for PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign in April 2010 and again in January 2012. Yesssss!!

    I’m not the biggest PETA fan but I am a big time Olivia Munn fan!

  • dropdead

    Okay this one was generally p.o.ed about this getting leaked. And it sure does look like her

  • bobby

    Actress, comedian, television personality, author, and maxim cover model? This girl is something else. And honey I wouldn’t be super po.ed about this video being leaked and it can do nothing but good for your career.

  • mars rover

    I’m a fan!! I want to read her book she came out with in 2010 – Suck It, Wonder Woman: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek

    • batman

      Great title. Wonder Woman should suck it. Batman out

  • sisten

    Wow! Note to all of you celebs. This is how you do it!!!!

  • favorable begining

    She says she’s a geek. Well let me tell ya sista! For a geek you know your way around some sausage. Plus for a geek you are drop dead friggin gorgeous.

  • Keely

    This one is a super freak!! She’d be a little much for most of you nerds. She’d slap you around and send you home to mamma sucking your thumb. Where do I sign up?

  • Liz

    I’m a better man for seeing this today. Thank you Olivia :)