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Miranda Kerr Sex Tape

Miranda Kerr Sex Tape Video

Miranda Kerr Sex Tape Video

Victoria Secret Angel and currently #4 on the Top 20 sexiest models in the world Miranda Kerr has been caught up in her very own Miranda Kerr sex tape video scandal that is rocking the internet according to sources. We hate to even report this as she is such a good person, but hey it is what we do and we will try to be as un-biased as we can be.

The video features what is said to be Miranda and Jay Lyon “Brent Tuhtan”, the lead singer of the band Tamarama getting nasty with each-other all filmed sometime in 2004 prior to her hooking up with now husband Orlando Bloom. The video is about 8min long and features everything you could expect from a celebrity sex tape full nudity, intercourse, nasty talk etc. etc. and seems to take place in a very nice motel room recorded by the male on his cell phone (we could see the motel refrigerator in the corner). Kerr suffered devastating financially “after taking her ex-boyfriend’s risky financial advice” in some very risky ventures. She should have known the videos where not in the best of hands.

Calls to Miranda’s reps have not been returned as of yet, however she has made it well known that her ex-bf was a complete tool.

[UPDATE] – Miranda was recently asked by paparazzi about the nude content and Miranda replied: “You sure have a lot of class asking a happily married woman that kind of question, you my friend are a piece of shit”. LOL

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