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Marisa Tomei Sex Tape

Marisa Tomei Sex Tape Video

Marisa Tomei Sex Tape Video

American stage, film and television actress from Brooklyn, New York Marisa Tomei has according to reports been caught up in scandal with ex-boyfriend and famous musician Lenny Kravitz creating the Marisa Tomei sex tape video that leaked to the net just recently.

Top news reports the video features Marisa and Lenny having sex in 2004 after a romantic night out on the town together of drinking and dancing all recorded on the couples home video recorder. Run time is approx. 36min showing Marisa getting out of the shower with Lenny behind the camera joking around that soon turns into a very good sexual session including all the normal things you would expect with decent video quality. We must say Marisa’s body is probably one of the best around still to date.

Calls to Marisa’s reps have been returned: “Marisa and Lenny where together in 2004 however Marisa has no recollection of making said sex tapes and if they are in fact legitimate at no time did Marisa authorize any distribution rights to the videos.” Very legal like response ;)

[UPDATE] – More video footage of the same night has said to have leaked that was made before the original sex tapes that hit the web. The new video is what seems to be a quicky before the couple actually headed to the party. Seems as though this day/night was a horny one for sure!

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