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Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape

Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape Video

Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape Video

American actress, fashion designer, model and recording artist Lindsay Lohan most known for always getting into trouble and in the news on a daily basis has been yet again caught up in scandal but this time however… though alcohol was involved the scandal is what Lindsay fans and foes have been waiting to watch forever and that is of course the Lindsay Lohan sex tape video.

The video with a run time of around only 8min shows what is said to be Lindsay giving a crazy blowjob to her ex-boyfriend Calum Best in the VIP section of a local LA club and yup you guessed it, Lindsay was drunk off her ass during the entire thing and completely oblivious that she was being recorded in front of everyone at the club with no remorse. Lindsay is not new to celebrity sex tape video scandals as she was busted with her female DJ girlfriend Sam Ronson earlier after the video was stolen from her cell phone and leaked to the net. There was also several nude photos to go along with the video content. We have not seen the video and cannot tell if it is Lindsay so this is another video that we will leave up to readers to decide for themselves on the authenticity.

Calls to Lindsay’s reps have gone unreturned thus far as we still can not figure out who her management team is at this time because she goes through managers like most people go through underwear. Lindsay was asked about the video with Calum but her reply was simply the middle finger to the paparazzi that asked her about the naughty video.

[UPDATE] – The lesbian videos of Lindsay and Sam have now been said to hit the web and show what appears to be Lindsay and Sam plain as day getting high and playing with each other while another person in the room is filming on their phone. The video is said to be very short and the person holding the camera seems to be drunk as shit as the camera never really focuses in on the action. Personally we are still waiting for the humdinger video that we know is out there somewhere just waiting to please all the Lindsay Lohan fans.

[UPDATE] – Lindsay is currently shopping around a tell all book so we’re guessing if there are any Lindsay sex tapes they’ll be mentioned in the book. Stay tuned…

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