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LeAnn Rimes Sex Tape

LeAnn Rimes Sex Tape Video

LeAnn Rimes Sex Tape Video

American country and pop singer Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian or better known to fans as simply LeAnn Rimes has been caught up in scandals now for many years and now according to reports she will be adding the LeAnn Rimes sex tape video to her repertoire of exposed scandals.

As the story goes LeAnn was married to Dean Sheremet from 2002-2009 and in that time of their marriage it is well known that LeAnn cheated on her husband with actor Eddie Cibrian, while both co-starred in Northern Lights. Anyways, when LeAnn and Dean separated, during the moving process a box of sex tape videos was lost and then appeared online featuring about 2hrs of combined video of LeAnn and Dean having sex and playing around in several different sexual sessions and appears to have been filmed around 2003-2005 as there is a Star magazine from that time on a book side table you can see in one of the videos.

LeAnn was quick to say the videos where not of her, however her ex-husband said they are in fact LeAnn saying: “The videos are of us I am not going to lye like LeAnn is about the situation, look man we where together for a long time and did a lot of crazy shit together. As far as how the videos leaked… I have no idea they where in a box that never made it to my new house.” Yeah right ;)

[UPDATE] – LeAnn Rimes has recently been admitted into a local treatment center for alcohol and “other” addictions according to sources. That’s all fine and dandy, however the part that peaked our interest is that some sources are claiming that LeAnn has said to close personal friends that during one of her stupid drunkin’ stints that she made a sex tape video with her current husband Eddie Cibrian and an un-known female and “feels as though she is just out of control”. The video supposedly shows LeAnn Rimes on a recent vacation kissing on the un-known female while on a balcony while her husband Eddie Cibrian is filming on his IPhone and then the party moves inside and a full blown sex tape was made. Now normally we would just play this off as a rumor, however there was recent pictures spreading on the net of no other than LeAnn Kissing on some hot ass female on a balcony with Eddie filming… coincidence?, we think not!

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