Kristen Stewart Sex Tape Video

Oh jeez… the rumored Kristen Stewart sex tape video just became all to real for the Twilight movie series superstar.

According to reports Kristen had some sexual photos and video taken of her cheating on her man Robert Pattinson with movie director Rupert Sanders who was married to model Liberty Ross. The exposed content is said to feature Kristen and Rupert outside loving on each other and then moves to a parked car smoking marijuana and then getting naked to have full blown sex on tape. Un-known to Kristen the entire encounter was filmed by a local paparazzi that was held up in some nearby bushes with some pretty stout recording equipment. The content hit the net and has been watched and talked about like crazy.

Kristen denied all reports as she was supposed to be in a long relationship with Twilight actor Rob Pattinson, however when the pictures hit the net there was nothing else she could do but admit the content was in fact the real deal and she then apologized to Rob for her cheating ways.

Calls to Kristen’s rep confirmed that “yes it is Kristen and we are working with our lawyers at this time and have no comment”.

[UPDATE] – For some reason Robert Pattison has got back together with Kristen Stewart even though she was caught red handed on tape screwing around on him and admitted to having the affair with Rupert Sanders. Not really sure why Rob would take her ass back so easily.

  • Richard

    I think Kristen Stewart is just not ready to settle down no matter who she is with. The time will come in some years but right now she wants to look around and I have no problem with this at all she is to young, cute and rich to be with one guy. As far as the “sex tape” you can definitly tell they are having sex in the car, lots of boobies flying around in a confind space.

    Kristen will have another sex video laek here pretty soon, I would bet on it!

  • gloria_b

    Richard you are crazy Kristen aint nothing but a rich ass hoe. She had sex with that guy in the car plain as day and she had a full time boyfriend that was being faithful to her. She is a slut, always will be known as that now to. You have your head screwed on wrong there dude. Once a cheater always a cheater… remember that ;)

  • Lindsa

    Kristen is a skank and I have no idea what her man Robert Pattinson has in her ass, especially after she blaintantly cheated on him and it was caught on video with tons of photos for proof that she was a slut. He could do so much better than her lying ass. Robert if you read this look my ass up as I am hotter than Kristen and would never screw you over, unless of course you have a super small penis, then we would have to talk about maybe being a swinger couple. hehehehe

    Seriously though he needs to find a better chick, it should not be hard for him at all.

  • larry-j

    Kristen is so fucking hot….. I would def not kick her ass out of bed. She was bad ass in the Twilight series of movies. To bad about getting caught up in the sex scandal, although I wish the tape was longer.

  • tetra

    She’s a hoooooo!! And Robert Pattinson is lil momma’s boy for allowing to walk all over him like that. You’re team Edward for crying out loud!! I hope you’ve found your balls my friend

  • deftime

    So where’s the kudos for the paparazzi camera guy? That took some commitment to get up in the tree with great recording equipment and sit still to film the whole thing. You go sir!!

    • ginger_peer

      That goes without saying. The guy isn’t up there for his health. He’s trying to cash in on busting these two in a sex scandal. Right place right time and I’m sure the right size wallet

  • janestown

    Kristen Stewart is such a lil hottie! Thankfully for us not a morally upright hottie either : )

  • chessfree

    Vampire sex!!! . . . without the whole vampire thing . . . so I guess it’s just Sex!!!

  • ladybella

    Eatin ain’t cheatin!!

  • stephanie trace

    If you’ve got a director like yummy Rupert Sanders then you’re probably pretty much obligated to cheat

  • mentalmaine

    Kristen Stewart’s box = community property

  • Future

    She will fuck 10000 more before she marries some decent guy “;

  • Donny

    Yeah, Kristen is a total hooker and home wrecker in my opinion. Would I have sex with Kristen though? You betcha ;)

  • Brandon_6958

    One a hoe always a hoe.