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Kid Rock Sex Tape

Kid Rock Sex Tape Video

Kid Rock Sex Tape Video

My god, where do we start with Robert James “Bob” Ritchie or better known as “Kid Rock” and the Kid Rock sex tape video(s) as this man has been caught up in more nudity sex scandals than any single celeb we could find in the world.

There is video of Kid Rock getting sucked off and banged on tour buses, behind buildings, recording studios, parties, waffle house’s, concerts etc. etc. the list goes on and on and on. All told Kid Rock probably has close to 10 hours of video footage with hundreds of very willing women and most of them married or in a “serious” relationship as you can see wedding rings and they themselves let the rocker know whats up. Kid is the one celebrity that we could say with strong feeling…. that he is probably right up there with the amount of women that NBA’s Magic Johnson and rocker Gene Simmons have been with and he is still young and i his prime. Hell, we even know a girl personally that has slept with him for crying out loud.

Calls to Kid Rocks management team confirmed: “Kid has been with a ton of women and makes no apology for any sexual encounters he has had with any of them… unless they where fat and he was drunk.” HAHAHA We love Kid Rock and his management team even more now!

[UPDATE] – More video of Kid Rock has been reported and this time features famous celebrity rocker Sheryl Crow whom he dated in 2002.

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