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Katy Perry Sex Tape

Katy Perry Sex Tape Video

Katy Perry Sex Tape Video

HOLY CRAP! There is a rumor of sex tapes starring Katy Perry and Russell Brand floating around the celebrity gossip arena!

Supposedly Katy Perry and her ex-husband well known actor Russell Brand had made some xxx home videos towards the end of 2009 right after they had started dating seriously.

According to a verified close acquaintance of the two there has been a bit of nervousness lately over a missing (you guessed it) cell phone. If we can confirm this as being the absolute truth and if the videos become available to the public, you could then say goodby to Kim Kardashians #1 record for most downloaded sex tape of all time. Without a doubt Katy would at least double Kims download numbers probably in the first year according to statistical search stats!

Russell Brand has been very well known to be a wild man and major party guy and Katy has dated some very party hard dudes herself over the years so we are leaning towards this could be very real. The only issue we see is that we doubt very seriously that Katy (very religious) or Russell would allow the content to be licensed and distributed. However, we will see how this all plays out and should be very interesting when we see those first few screen shots of the sex tape videos.

We went searching for some footage recently however every site we went to that said they had it turned out to be total bullshit and everyone that has sent us some tips about it could never back up any claims, so our search continues.

We contacted Katy’s management team and they had “no comment at this time” on the lost cell phone and or its media contents,

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