Kate Ritchie Sex Tape Video

Australian actress Kate Ritchie stars as Sally in the popular soap “Home and Away” and now she will be known for the Kate Ritchie sex tape video that is now making rounds on the net to the public.

The Home and Away producers surely didn’t want anyone seeing their “little angel” all grown up starring in her own homemade sex tapes however this is what happens to so many young actresses in the movie biz and a lot of times they are done on purpose to try and shed the child actor persona.

Watching Kate get down and dirty in this fantastic video featuring her banging her guy in numerous positions is priceless and was in no way made to further her career as most are due to the lovey dovey comments they are making to each other the entire video (except when he has her doggystyle) LOL! Those tits are to die for!!!!

Calls to Kate’s reps have not been returned for comment as of yet.

[UPDATE] – Kate did get back to us and said that “the videos in question where never meant to be public and where made in private between her and an ex that did not work out.”


  1. The Australian actress Kate Ritchie is here! Ive seen the vid and it rocks hard if you know what I mean.

  2. Closed captioning for Kate Ritchie is not provided by anything except a great ass video!!

  3. New South Wales represent!! She’s from my hometown in Goulburn : )
    We have a saying – Kate Richie . . . Australian for naughty celeb

    • Pretty damn funny. I don’t think she’s all that well known here in the States. Well I mean she may be now after this. Yes!

  4. OH crikey! It’s Kate Ritchie from the telly. You naughty girl! That’s okay in Australia we just call that damn good television : )

  5. Ya know, I don’t always watch Australian soap operas but when I do I watch only the ones where the cast members all get caught fucking on film.

  6. So the taped was leaked by her ex, eh. Funny how that happened right after you left your soap opera gig and was looking to build your name internationally. Not saying it was a bad move because, well, here you are!

    • Nah. She does just fine in her home country. Plus she seems to be genuinely embarrassed about the tape. So I think she was tired of blowing loser boy friend and he got pissed about it and leaked it out. Possibly trying to make a buck himself and shame her at the same time. Back fired on his ass since she’s bigger than ever and no body still doesn’t know who the fuck that guy is

  7. I am looking to be Kate Ritchie’s next ex. Thank you. That is all.