Kate Moss Sex Tape Video

All fans of Kate Moss can take a deep breath as there is now content that can be close to called the Kate Moss sex tape video. However, not really a full blown busted celebrity sex tape but this funny and sexy video tape of Kate features her dancing topless and the she hits fan with her head super hard in her Kate Moss sex tape video.

There are 4 more celebrity paparazzi videos of her nude and topless and of course that well-know clip “Kate on Coke”. Kate definitely has that girl next door feel and is one of our favorite celebrities with that banging hot body of hers and screw you attitude.

Calls to Kate’s management team about the sex tapes have not been returned as of yet…

[UPDATE] – There is said to be video of Kate and her ex Pete Doherty playing around the house while Pete was filming the entire thing and ended up catching her give him a BJ with about 6min run time for the new content. Kate was asked about the video and said that she does not remember doing this but said it was not out of the question. Most believe it is her without a doubt. There is also said to be 3 other videos with Pete that leaked making a total of about 1hr of Kate having sex with Pete. Nice!

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  • Mainline6

    I really am okay with this vid of Kate Moss’. Not all celebrity sex tapes has to be the bitch takin it deep, though that has its place in the universe don’t get me wrong. But I like it cuz it truly is a behind the scenes look one of my favorite actresses and it’s all good ; )