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Kanye West Sex Tape

Kanye West Sex Tape Video

Kanye West Sex Tape Video

Kanye West can now be added to celebrities with their very own sex tapes as information has leaked through Radar Online supporting that the rapper/producer does in fact have a Kanye West tape being shopped.

The video features Kanye and an 18 year old girl that is the spitting image of Kim weirdly enough. The un-named girl in the video is 18years old and according to what she says in the video she is also married and states that her husband never gives her sex anymore.

Kanye is no rookie to scandals as you remember he snapped some pics of his penis and had them sent around to various women that ended up hitting the net. Kanye also has said to have sex tape video of Kim Kardashian his fiancee who we all know has her very own celebrity sex tape that was the #1 most download sex-tape of all time. That all may change though as the sex tapes of Kanye are said to be “very damn good and he really takes care of business the right way” and the female in the video is just as hot as Kim with even more curves.

This entire story does not surprise us at SexTape.com at all as Kanye has gone on record saying he considers himself a bit of a porn connoisseur.

Anyone who is a Kanye or Kim fan needs to for sure watch for this video release.

[UPDATE] – 9/24/12 Kanye now admits to not just the one sex tape with the 18year old but also says there is more than that, so now we have over 1hr of Kanye banging a couple different star struck teenagers. Kim must be so proud of her man!

[UPDATE] – Recently stopped in the street Kim was asked by paparazzi what she had thought about the new Kanye West sex tape videos with a girl that was just 18 years old. Kim said: “Look, everyone does things in their past that they regret and when you are a celebrity it makes video scandals that much worse. Am I ashamed of my sex tape video with Ray J, no… am I ashamed of Kanye’s new sex tapes with that girl, no… and I will stand by him no matter what. Anyways, who in the hell has not had themselves on video with a partner at some point in time in their life? I bet everyone has, the only thing that sucks is that regular people don’t make it on the news when the video leaks and celebrities do. Look making love is natural everyone does it and I am not ashamed to admit I do it just like everyone else”. Dang… tell us how you feel Kim! Though not sure how we feel about the “regular” people comment, are you an alien or something?

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