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  1. Biggest collection of quality celebrity tapes I have ever seen, I especially like that there are not ads everywhere and love watching the bonus label videos in HighDef it’s almost to realistic for my own good. LOL Good Stuff!

    • I liked Kim Kardashian and Shakira very much.

    • Kim Kardashian was a good one for sure, I called in sick 2 days in a row because I was “tired” HAHAHA!

    • It took us a minute to get that collection of HD videos but it seems as though our members really enjoy the quality. We added the HD section after a member asked if we could get them… As always simply ask us and you will receive *wink*

  2. I still think that Pamela’s is the best and long to, I like to watch it the entire video.

  3. Finally single link to watch all the videos… about time a celebrity site had this feature, thanks!

    • Not to mention the kick ass real amateur sex tapes section… I have never seen so many average everyday chicks that look like the girl nextdoor in my life. I wounder how many guys wives or girlfriends are in there. HAHAHA!

  4. I enjoyed watching the Paris Hilton sex tapes they always make me smile… She was so cute back in the day. But the Nicki Minaj video damn I am pretty sure it is her for sure there is no difference at all it has to be her, crazy stuff man!

    • Send to me plz, im searching for nicki minaj for months. I need this

      • It’s in the members area. Or just click on the link above to become a member like the rest of us. Happy hunting ; )

  5. Thanks for not bullshitting customers… cool that you guys do what you say (provide direct links to tapes)… not many companies/sites do that anymore ;)

  6. Your membership area rocks! Question though, do you have any Megan Fox nude content or videos? I heard she has a tape floating around.

  7. I like site a lot, good member area and owners are helpful and return emails unlike most online places….. There was a specific video I was looking for, they went and got the full uncut video and then when I logged in, it was there. Top notch customer support!

  8. Cool members area with good updates… make sure you guys click on the random videos link, my god shit tons of free videos. I come here every day, no pun intented ;)

  9. Yup great customer service you can actually get a hold of them and they reply very quickly.

  10. We are glad you guys are happy with us and as always if you need/ want anything just let us know, we are eager to make you happy and satisfied ;)

  11. Your sextape videos section is top notch. I left some good review comments on your site to show my appreciation.

    Thank You.

    P.S. The Kim Kardashian video never gets old ;)

  12. We are glad you guys are enjoying the members section! Remember if there is any sextape celebrity content that we don’t have and you would like to see just let us know and we will get it for you.

    Always Happy To Help,
    SexTape Support Team

  13. Make sure you guys check out the bonus video section, they have shit tons of videos some of wich suprised the shit out of me that they had… amatuer double fisting sex tape videos? LOL

    Nice Touch ;)

    • Agree, They got some freaky shit in the members area LOL!

      • I couldnt navigate to that part of the site.

        • Use the drop-down menu… I have jacked off so much over the last few months I think my dick is going to fall off. I need to just say no to the members area for a few days and heal up a bit LOL!

  14. Will there ever be a Sarah Palin Sex Tape out? She is a total fox!!

    • doubtful on this one unfortunately.

    • Good for you… ya nasty fucker

  15. I visit your sextape members area every day and thank you for the daily updates, never gets old. Most sites say they update but the updates are bull shit. You guys do as you say and update every day like clockwork so that us as members never get board with the same ol’ shit. And I say thank you for that, you guys really do rock!

  16. I love this site but I’m having a little problem, I tried to join but its refusing to click…. I want to know is nicki minaj sex tape is available?

    • Dude it is a buck for full access… don’t be a cheap ass. LOL

  17. I think i’ll love u hmmmm……….!

  18. Love your site guys thank you for taking all the bull shit out of looking for sextapes. I like having access to them all from one place. I go to Pornhub for regular porn and go here for celebrity stuff ;)




  20. Your site fucking rocks out! THANKS!!!!!

  21. I’m from nigeria and I don’t have a credit card, and I want to be a member is there any other form of payment

    • Yup, you can use your cell phone, that is what I did… I think they are only asking for the $1 to see all the sex tapes to help with their bandwidth cost as with the amount of videos in there I bet they need it with pervs like us HEHE!

  22. Love your members are my god there is a ton of videos in there… I really love your videoone section most videos I have ever seen. Not sure how you guys do it but I am glad you do ;)

    A+ Peeps!

  23. i love it and will like to b part
    of some tapes

  24. I want to see Kim’s video and Jenny Rivera’s video

  25. I loved your site and damn you have a ton of good videos. I am addicted and will be a customer for a very long time. Do you update every single day? I see new videos like every time I log in.


  26. Hey, you guys have a great members area that is very well laid out. Thanks and I will be a member for a very long time ;)

  27. Perfect! great site fellas… I did the $1 trial and I am going to keep my subscription as the updates are insane. Just my 2 cents.

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