Jennifer Toof Sex Tape Video

Star Of VH1’s Flavor Of Love And “Jen” From Charm School eye in VH1’s hit series Charm School has now been busted in the Jennifer Toof sex tape video scandal with her very much older ex-boyfriend/lover/sugar daddy.

The Jennifer Toof sex tape video or also known as Toastee Exposed rights was purchased recently by adult powerhouse Vivid Celeb for all her celebrity sex tape scandals, showing Jennifer Toof AKA Toastee a veritable sexual contortionist with an uncontrollable appetite for sex!

The older guy in the video cracks us up as he really does not know what the hell he is doing and is just getting his ass kicked sexually for hours but Jennifer is a trooper and still acts like it is great for her as well anyway. Way to man up Jennifer. The part of the video that you can see in the picture above where Jennifer is strangeling his ass with her legs is just awesome as he is jerking it the entire time. Weird maybe, but hey don’t knock it till you try it!

Calls to Jennifer Toof have been returned: “Yup the girl in the sex tape videos are me and I had a great time with Frank” We love when celebs admit sex tapes right away and tell the truth about it from the get go!!!


  1. love the pick of her on her back spreading the great american eagle.

    • Yeah you can keep this one. Even on that show there were better celebs to choose from.

  2. You just can’t help but feel sorry for the ol’ chap. I’m thinking he either really really doesn’t like himself or he just hates his neck and wants to teach it a lesson with Toastee’s thighs.

  3. She’s now a clinical psychologist. From celebrity nut job to working with the nut jobs? Not too many celeb psychologists out there. l Does she still count as a celeb?

    • She was a reality tv star at one time who released a (pretty vulgar) sex video of herself. Whether or not she’s still relevant I don’t think really matters. That stuff always wax and wanes for celebs. I think she belongs. Besides would you really want to miss out on this train wreck?

      • No other tape put out by another celeb has gone to the extreme that Toastee and her ex had done. So just for that this thing is still very relevant.

  4. I had never seen Charm School or Flavor of Love so I hadn’t known of Toastee before seeing he here. Looks like I’ll have to wrestle up some old shows now

    • Charm School’s Toastee sex video I think is better than the actual show itself. Maybe that’s because there were no contortionist sex acts going on in the show. LOL! But if you’ve never seen those shows it might be worth a run through.

  5. You like that you old mother fucker! (Choke) Harder please. WTF?!

    • Ha Ha!! Why are you so mean to me?!

      Shut up you old perv.

      But . . .but . .

      I said shut the fuck up before I pop that thing on top of your neck you call your head . . . bitch!

      • Don’t know whether to crawl up into a ball and cry or call in for my ball gag. Nice!!

  6. The best sugar daddies are always the one’s you may punish severely and they always come back for more : )

  7. Admittedly I can’t get enough of reality tv. And while Toastee was no where near my favorite star on tv this tape of hers makes me laugh the most.