Jay Z Sex Tape Video

As we previously reported power couple Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles have been busted having sex on tape while on vacationing on one of Jay Z’s yachts and now paparazzi is saying they have a Jay Z sex tape video to boot.

Jay Z said he would like to talk with the paparazzi that got the video and has said that he would like to “make a deal”. As according to the paparazzi attorneys the permission of Jay Z and Beyonce are not needed to release the sex tape video as they were performing sex acts out in public view (thus no rights to the video taken).

The video shows what you think it would Jay Z with a glass of something in his hand with Beyonce taking care of business. The video made big news earlier in the month, however the power couples team have been very hush hush with no comments given out other than they would like to talk with the paparazzi that got the video in question.

As we all know Jay Z has been busted with sex tape videos before after a trip to France generated some nude video of the rapper in action in the 90’s.

Calls to Jay Z’s reps have not been returned to comment on the sex tapes authenticity, though we can see plain as day that it is the couple on the boat in the beginning.


  1. I don’t want to see JAYZ I want to see Beyonce… Jay Z is nothing special looks like a normal dude. Though the money that those two have together, I can only imagine how fun life would be. It sucks to be broke.

    • You’re telling me! Combined I’m sure they are worth somewhere in the tune of 500 mil if not more.

      • I think Forbes has Jay-z and Beyonce reportedly bringing in some odd 100 mil a year. Now that’s power

  2. Ah hell Jay-z you’re getting it on with your sexy ass wife. I ain’t hatin!

    • So not much of a scandal. But nice to catch them together though. But I guess not all sex caught on video has to be a scandal in the first place

  3. He’s a philanthropist, a super star, and a gazillion-aire. What all celebs should be like : )

    • No doubt. A sex vid of him and his beautiful wife Beyonce won’t hurt his image one bit

    • Politically he’s “safe”. Doesn’t really get out there and do the dirty stuff he’s supposed to do

  4. Looks like I need to spend more time on my yacht then seeing if I can catch these two together : )

  5. I dunno. Jay-Z is kind of a douche. But i guess he’s got 100+ million reason to be

  6. Glad it’s Jay-Z and not me. I’d turn it into a scandal just to make people want to watch it. Acting like I’m beatin the shit out people or some such. All for fun of course

    • I’d have to pull some stunt too. Guess it’s good I’m not the celeb then