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Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape

Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape Video

Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape Video

She is best known as David Arquette’s rebound chick is now the star of a sex tape that’s about to hit the Internet… a tape she claims was a Valentine for an unnamed boyfriend.

The Jasmine Waltz sex tape video was leaked by some mystery dude and features some x-rated play with those (normally) annoying conversation heart candies and kissy kissy stuff.

Jasmine claims she had no idea the video was going wide … telling TMZ, “I’m absolutely shocked that the public is now going to see what I made with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.” The former Hollywood cocktail waitress has been linked to Ryan Seacrest, Chris Pine, Jesse McCartney, and Sean Stewart just to name a few as she seemed to be in the right place.

Jasmine won’t say who the lucky guy is in the vid … and admits, “I’m not even famous which blows my mind even more, I’m just a girl in Hollywood that made a sex tape with a man I had feelings for.” Uh-huh.

Calls to Jasmine’s reps have not been returned but we already have her comments to TMZ reporters.

[UPDATE] – Jasmine is said to be part of the reason now for the split of David Arquette and Courteney Cox.

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