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Jaimee Foxworth Sex Tape

Jaimee Foxworth Sex Tape Video

Jaimee Foxworth Sex Tape Video

The Jaimee Foxworth sex tape video is confirmed the real deal… And as most of us know little Jaimee Foxworth made her debut on the popular TV show “Family Matters”.

In 1989 at the age of 10, Jaimee won the role of the youngest daughter “Judy” and went on to do 4 seasons of the show. Now in her early 20′s, she’s been through the ropes… having battled alcoholism, depression and sex addiction.

The Jaimee Foxworth sex tape video shows her being very nasty with some black guy that is hung like a horse (no kidding) the dude is packing some serious heat! The video is more of a professional porn than a celebrity sex tape, though since Jaimee is in the celebrity catagory we posted the video anyways. Run time is about 20min and the black guy in the video absolutely destroys little Jaimee’s cootchie, the part where she puts one leg on the chair while he hits it from behind is probably one of the best sex scenes we have ever looked at.

Calls to Jaimee’s reps confirmed the videos and we were told: “Jaimee was going through a difficult time in her life and has since found her direction” Well that is all fine and dandy, but the puntang is still ruined as the dude was hung like a donky on crack. We are not sure who Jaimee is dating now, however if the guy has seen this video we are betting he has some issues.

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