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Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Video

Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Video

Retired American professional wrestler, actor, television dude, musician and investment guru Hulk Hogan has been busted with one of his best friends swinger wife named Heather Clem who is actually the ex-wife now of “Bubba the Love Sponge DJ” (they are known swingers, wife swapping type stuff) and she has been trying to make the Hulk Hogan tape scandal with him for a very long time!

Heather is an extremely nice looking young girl that has no problem doing whatever the Hulk wants her to do and is a must see for any Hulk Hogan fan for sure! Hulk Hogan whiled married to Linda Hogan (oops!) wrestles this little beauty on the bed after eating at a local bar and in the sex tape the “king” can definitely be considered the big wiener, uh we mean winner. ;) Run time on the full video is approx 30min long and features Hulk getting oral sex and then proceeds to pin her ass to the bed wrestle-mania style with out Hogan even realizing he was on camera during the entire sexual encounter. Hulk later said he couldn’t remember who the person in the video is (That’s OK we let you know her name was Heather) as during his split from his ex-wife he “slept with a ton of women every night”. Man who knew the life of a wrestler could get you that much tail?! LOL. DOH! (btw, Hogan knew damn well who the girl was, though he said he had no idea who she was just a few weeks ago LOL ;)

Hulk Hogan’s reps have been contacted and state that in fact “Yes it is the real Hulk Hogan sex tape and we are working on a solution for the leaking of the videos”. Better watch out! LOL

[UPDATE] – A celebrity news site called Gawker recently leaked about a minute of the video going through the content quickly and sharing some conversation however the video run time of the full sex tape is about 30-45min long and there is few companies that are asking for the full rights to the content. The sex tape video has been confirmed to have been created by Hulk Hogan’s best bud Bubba as at the end of the full sex tape you can hear Bubba say to his wife Heather… “If we ever need to retire, here is our ticket”. That means that Bubba the Love Sponge set the Hulk up… OUCH!!!!

[UPDATE] – After the 100M lawsuit was thrown out of court Hulk’s lawyers have refiled hoping for better results with a different judge. If at first you don’t succeed spend more money and try again.

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