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Tutorial: How To Make A Sex Tape Video?

Tutorial How To Make A Sex Tape Video

Tutorial How To Make A Sex Tape Video

Ok… so we have gotten some questions lately on how is the best way to make a sex tape and profit off of the video content. So we decided to do a little how to write up tutorial from our experience of working in the industry on a daily basis.

If you are a current or soon to be celebrity no matter if you are A, B, C, D or even F you need to make sure and follow these simple rules if you want to one… profit and two… boost your career. Not following a few simple steps could doom the entire video and your chances of moving up the celeb list.

QUALITY RECORDING EQUIPMENT – Get the right video recording equipment and for shit sakes make sure the lighting is good. Reason: If the quality of your video is crap or you have horrible lighting who is really going to get off or want to watch your video in anyway squinting their eyes?… It just will not happen and all your hard work will be, well… just for the fun you had at the time.

QUALITY CO-STAR – Pick your co-star very wisely, nobody wants to see some extremely sexy celeb have sex with some no skill, overweight idiot. An example of this that comes to mind would be Kendra Wilkinson… the only reason that her video did not do really well is that her co-star was some not so good looking, chubby dude with a little pecker that was complete crap in the sack. Kendra herself is simply amazing but the co-star really was just in the way.  Your partner if male should be fairly fit, with at least 8″ to make it interesting. Believe it or not, size does matter when trying to promote a sex tape… Think about the top 3 celebrity sex tapes of all time: Kim Kardashian, (Ray J was packing 9+) Pamela Anderson (Tommy Lee was 8+) and Paris Hilton (Rick was 8+). That is just one more thing to talk about when discussing the films with your friends and/or news outlets.

QUALITY CONTENT – You should have at least 1-2hours of quality content so tell homeboy to throw down on some Viagra lol! It is also a great idea to throw in some normal activity on video as well, like outside hanging out, smoking a joint or something like that. Doing so makes the video feel more of a taboo for watching rather than just seeing some people do it like millions of others do on porn tube sites, remember you want to peak interests. Make sure that you mix it up a bit… having sex on tape in different areas and different positions, hell feel free to throw in some big toys or a midget for that extra kick.  Nobody wants to see an hour of missionary position, you need to keep things changing to keep public interest of what comes next.

PROTECT YOUR CONTENT! – This one is huge… you need to make damn sure that this content does not leak to the internet at all costs. Why in the hell would someone pay to see something they can see for free? Once your video hits the net if even for a split second you will have no chance on maximizing your profit. Pics are ok to the right media companies, however do not share your video with anyone via disc or computer file. Keep it on your original recording device and when a company that is interested in the video wants to see the content, fine fly out and show it to them own your own device. There has been a couple instances of adult companies recording/downloading the content without the individual even realizing it, then all they need is your consent and if you don’t give it well… for some reason your video is all over the net for free now. OUCH!

PICK THE RIGHT PR/DISTRIBUTING COMPANY! – This is huge… if you choose the wrong individual to help you become the next Kim K Superstar you could very easily become the next Dustin Diamond and be nothing more than a funny conversation piece at the local bar. LOL

Remember this video is more than just a video, your sex on tape content could change your life as a celebrity if you take is slow and watch your step. If you would like any help with PR or distribution feel free to let SexTape.com know and we can help the entire process as we have many contacts in the industry as you can imagine. ;) Now go make a tape and have some fun!

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