Hoopz Sex Tape Video

Nicole Deannae Alexander or better known as Nikki “Hoopz” is hip hops roadie that has been said to sleep with just about every hip hopster in the the biz. Oh and tons of sports figures like big dog Shaquille O’Neal AKA “Shaq” so we where not one bit surprised when the Nicole Alexander Hoopz sex tape video leaked to the public.

The Hoopz sex tape video leaked to the net after one of the rappers she slept with leaked the video to the net to “hurt” her after she dissed his ass hard in front of his crew. There is also several other sex tapes of Nicole with other A-List celebs like puffy, tupac, 50cent etc etc… the list goes on and on. We can understand though as watching her bouncing around on these guys really shows she has got some mad skills in the bedroom and can suck chrome off a trailer hitch.

Nicole was extremely pissed off to hear about the footage and tried just about everything to get the sex tape removed from the net, however was un-sucesful in doing so. The video within hours was being downloaded thousands of times thanks to social networking.

Hoopz then tried to sue for deformation and was also unsuccessful with that as well – it was dismissed by a local judge.


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