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Eva Mendes Sex Tape

Eva Mendes Sex Tape Video

Eva Mendes Sex Tape Video

HOLY CRAP! New reports just surfaced that there really is a Eva Mendes sex tape video that is available now for download featuring Eva with George Augusto! The video scandal was leaked by a close friend of George that had access to his pc where the video file was located and eventually hit the net.

The videos feature what appears to be Eva and her man George bouncing around like bunnies at there home in Los Angeles and shows everything from kiss play to hardcore sex all filmed on a cell phone. You can hear the woman in the video that is said to be Eva saying that Kim aint got shit on her. We assume she is talking about Kim Kardashian but we can not be sure about that, either way if it is Eva or not the woman in the videos is the spitting image and even a look a like is good for us!

Earlier in 2009 the public was fooled big time by a video from Funny of Die saying to be the Eva Mendes sex tape video and was able to receive over 20M views in just a short few months. However, after people saw the video they where very disappointed but had a good chuckle.

Eva is actually one of our very favorite celebs and we feel one of the most classiest out there.

Calls to Eva’s reps have not been returned, although paparazzi recently asked her about any sex tapes of her out there and she simply gave the guys a eat shit and die look that scared the shit out of them… classic latino scare tactic ;)

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