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Erin Andrews Sex Tape

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

ESPN’s own Erin Andrews has been caught up in her very own celebrity sex tape video scandal and a video titled simply the Erin Andrews sex tape video has now leaked to the net for everyone’s viewing pleasure after video was taken at a local hotel.

The video is very real and was taken without her knowledge as the sex on tape was recorded through a peep hole in her hotel room by a known peeping tom catching every private moment she had for several hours. Looking through the peephole the camera caught her walking around nude, getting her drink on and though she does not have sex with anyone she masturbates so well in the video that there is no need for a partner. Erin’s legal team freaked the hell out and got ESPN’s attorneys to help her try to stop the content from making its rounds on the net, however as we have all figured out now… if a sex tape video or any nude footage of any kind hits the net for even a second, forget about ever getting it all removed.

Erin has also just recently got a spot in the reality show “Dancing With The Stars” so we believe now that damn near every famous celebrity sex tape star has now been on the show. LOL

Calls to Erin’s reps have been returned stating: “I am very pissed off about this invasion of privacy and anyone that post the content will be dealt with swiftly”. Ouch! We guess she is pretty pissed off.

[UPDATE] – 8/1/09 – Erin has filed a 10M lawsuit against the hotel where the peeping tom video was filmed. The hotel states that it takes privacy issue very serious and is still investigating the issue.

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