Erica Lynne Sex Tape Video

“Bad Girls Club” Erica Lynne did one thing very well on her reality show… she had sex on set with her at the time very well hung boyfriend and we have the Erica Lynne sex tape video to prove it.

The video has been made available from Vivid after the company bought the rights to the video and wow, Erica is not a shy one doing everything possible in front of everyone that wanted to watch in her interracial sex tapes. There is about 15 different full sex tapes wrapped into one featuring everything from a quick public blow job to full hardcore sex in the sets hot tub and bedroom areas. The un-known bbc male reminds us f Ray J as dude is packing some serious meat.

The tapes feature many crazy night sessions in great high quality format for our viewing pleasure as it was shot with professional cameras in tons of positions. Come one, come all! The part of the video that seems to be everyone’s favorite is when Erica starts to give dude a hand job while he is trying to drive and then ends up going down on him… how he did not get into a wreck baffles our mind.

Calls to Erica Lynne’s reps have been returned: “Erica regrets a few of the sexual acts that she performed on the set, however is not ashamed of anything she did in front of cast and crew”.

  • Judith H

    Erica Lynne could eat me out while eat her out any day of the week. Thanks for having this video.

  • BIG T

    Erica seems a little nasty to me. Like after making a sex tape with her you would have more than just the tape for the rest of your life nasty LOL

    • Jason79

      Herpes – the gift that just keeps on giving and giving . . . and giving (sigh)

  • Ketchup Dude

    I bet you would need a sponge to soak up her load.

    • John Boy

      I am the one in need of a sponge now.

  • manatee

    Ya know, Erica Lynn may not be the most famous celebrity with a sexy video online. But after watching this mug her’s is truly the steamiest – in my opinion of course.

  • McGillicutty

    Celebrity or or not, at some point you have to call it what it is – porn. As tapes goes this thing is pretty high quality. I guess it better be if vivid is going to buy it. Or maybe I’ve just been subjected to many low quality videos that I don’t know what to do with a high quality one . . . I take that back, I know exactly what to do with it

  • Sambo

    This girl is steamy!!

  • Rain

    Who doesn’t like the party girl? I’m just a little peeved that I didn’t watch the Bad Girl’s Club before. I’m not the biggest reality tv fan but I sure won’t pass up on catching some hotties on tv!

  • John Boy

    So how does this work? It’s like – would you like to be on this tv show? Are you a sexual freak of nature? Good your hired.

  • John Boy

    I need to come out of the forest more often! I’ve never heard of this bombshell or of Bad Girls Club until I find this. I’ve been missing out, damn it!!!

  • see more

    Opened my fortune cookie today and what did say? Erica Lynne is what one hot ass fucking dirty bitch!!!

    Oh Confucius – how right you always are!

  • virtuoso

    “Erica regrets a few of the sexual acts that she performed on the set, however is not ashamed of anything she did in front of cast and crew”.

    So what the hell sex acts are you ashamed of if not the many you performed in front of the cast and crew?

    • virtuoso

      “I was ashamed of the sex I had . . . the cameras weren’t rolling” LOL!!!

  • Walletsize

    Hand jobs that turn into blow jobs. No better way to end the a good stroking

  • John J Jameson

    Oh though titties : ) Wonder twins unite!!

  • Someday Sally

    Something about a super hottie with tats that just gets me wet! Nice videos Erica Lynn!

  • Apolo

    At what point is fucking the pussy not like throwing a hotdog down a hallway? You just have to stay with the BBC I suppose : )

  • Mathews

    Well thank you for this Funny thing about it is I had no idea who this girl or Bad Girls Club was until I found this here.

  • jerry

    Bad Girls Club sucks now. Season 10 looks to be pretty shitty! But then again all show without this knockout pretty much sucks

  • lilkitty

    Strong confident sexual woman. Erica Lynn is the woman of today

  • Foxxx

    No body is talking about Erica Lynn anymore. Too bad, she should be a superstar!

  • Georgia

    You, Erica Lynn, are so friggin fantastic!! That is all, carry on

  • Bucky

    The good Lord broke the mode when he made this one, huh?!! Yowza!!