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Emma Stone Sex Tape Rumors

Emma Stone Sex Tape Video

Emma Stone Sex Tape Video

American actress Emma Stone has been caught up in her very own naughty celebrity video scandal most recently according to several sources, and the tapes are said to be so damn good that Emma could surpass Kim Kardashian for one of the most watched celebrity sex tapes ever leaked online!

Radar online and others say the video was being held by one of her ex-boyfriends that turned out to be a dog and is not Andrew Garfield but some one of “importance” and features the two for over an hour of crazy sex, drinking and vulgar behavior. She is very aggressive in the video almost making it dominatrix style and that she “really knows what she is doing for sure and is no amateur to this kind of role playing even at the young age she was when the tapes where filmed” says the source who had the videos in the first place.

Emma who is actually a true blond and not a ginger we might add… has been contacted on the sex tape issue and there have been several statements floating around like: “Look there is no video out there and if there is I will do everything in my power to stop said video from seeing the public’s eye as making love should be left private” and then told paparazzi “To bad you guys wont see it I will fight to have the video locked away, if one exists”. Then a source close to Emma Stone said “She made it long before she started dating Andrew Garfield, and before she really became a household celebrity name. Emma was just young and dumb thinking nothing would ever come of it simply trying to please her boyfriend”.

We are going to chalk this one up as bout damn time as all the signs are there for the ultimate leak of this sex tape, seems someone is following the “How to make a sex tape tutorial” that we posted a while back that focuses on the things that where done right with celebrities like Paris Pam and Kim with the leak of their sex tapes.

Calls to Emma’s reps have yet to be returned, however with all the comments being made by Emma and her staff… we understand she is pretty busy and will be more than happy to await her response for us so that they can all get their story straight and on the same page about the naughty little video scandal.

PLEASE NOTE: Not every sex tape scandal that makes the news becomes a released tape. Just because we have an article on the latest celeb scandal does not mean that the tape is available.
Note: Not all sex tapes scandals on the news feeds and stories are available for public viewing. Legal restraints keep many of them from seeing the light of day.

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