Emma Stone Sex Tape Video

American celebrity actress Emma Stone has been caught up in her very own naughty celeb video scandal most recently according to several sources recent reports, and the tapes are said to be so damn good that Emma could surpass the infamous Kim Kardashian for one of the most watched celebrity sex tapes ever leaked online!

Radar online and others say the video was being held by one of her ex-boyfriends that turned out to be a dog and is not Andrew Garfield but some one of “importance” and features the two for over an hour of crazy love making, drinking and vulgar behavior. She is very aggressive in the video almost making it dominatrix style and that she “really knows what she is doing for sure and is no amateur to this kind of role playing even at the young age she was when the tapes where filmed” says the source who had the videos in the first place.

Emma who is actually a true blond and not a ginger we might add… has been contacted on the sex tape issue and there have been several statements floating around like: “Look there is no video out there and if there is I will do everything in my power to stop said video from seeing the public’s eye as making love should be left private” and then told paparazzi “To bad you guys wont see it I will fight to have the video locked away, if one exists”. Then a source close to Emma Stone said “She made it long before she started dating Andrew Garfield, and before she really became a household celebrity name. Emma was just young and dumb thinking nothing would ever come of it simply trying to please her boyfriend”.

We are going to chalk this one up as bout damn time as all the signs are there for the ultimate leak of this sex tape, seems someone is following the “How to make a sex tape tutorial” that we posted a while back that focuses on the things that where done right with celebrities like Paris Pam and Kim with the leak of their sex tapes.

Calls to Emma’s reps have yet to be returned, however with all the comments being made by Emma and her staff to the press… we understand she is pretty busy and will be more than happy to await her response for us so that they can all get their story straight and on the same page about the naughty little video scandal.

  • Edon

    Emma grew up in Arizona and every time I see her I just remember her hair was not red it was blonde and I liked it much better that way. She was also very quite and a real artsy fartsy chick, I know all this because I lived a few blocks from her.

    • Mark

      Too bad you did not hook up with her.

  • Rachel

    I loved Emma in Superbad and Zombieland a couple of the best movies ever! Emma is bad ass chickadee she has that wholesome girl next door feel to her, those girls are always the ones that are crazy in the sack LOL!!!!

  • domoniqe-22

    Is this true? I also saw this news on TMZ and they are saying the same thing. Jeez is there any celebrity out there that has not made a sex tape video yet? I guess if it works fuck it get er done.

    • Master Blaster

      Yup it is true all over the place even MSNBC is reporting the same thing I think this sex tape will be the next huge one like the Kim Kardashian video was. I think Kim is worth now like 50M because of her sex tapes. I bet Emma could pass thta shit up for sure as she is much sexier and less trashy and I guess she was really young when she made the videos. Let’s be real though havent we all made a sex tape with a partner at some time in life I know I have and I bet that if Ibecame famous those ass holes would leak videos of me to. Sex tapes will always be around and become more and more prevelant as now everything you own can record video with a touch of a button. Watch out girls!

      • Glory Holes Are Fun

        I have also seen this most recent Emma news all over the place it is also on Huffington Post about it.

  • Nadar Abul

    All I know I is am going to go watch video nows. I like Emma

  • ricky-boobie

    Shit man red head, blond or brunete with a body Like Emma’s I would do her even if she had green hair. She is soooo sexy it s unreal. What was the latest flic that Emma has been in? I have not seen her in a while.

    • bloke

      She has been in a few new movies for 2012 like The Amazing Spider-Man, Movie 43, Gangster Squad. I think one of the funniest was Crazy, Stupid, Love. Must see if you love Emma!

  • Brandon

    I would much rather watch the Emma Stone sex tapes rather than the Kim Kardashian sex tapes as Emma is much better looking and from what I have seen the video does not seem to have been done on purpose like Kim’s fat ass with Ray J was. I hope Emma makes it to where Kim is not talked about as much anymore… Hey I can dream right!

  • Wiki_Love

    Emma Stone is actually a very classy person to bad this happened to her. I know she is a cool person because in Arizona I was in some acting classes with her.

  • Lue

    Emma Stone is so damn hot!

  • Corra Johnson

    This is big news all over the place, seen the same story about Emma on TMZ and Huffington Post I guess it is the real deal according to them. I guess Emma is pretty pissed off about it all to. She is such a little cutie.

  • Billy On The Range

    Seen it in the members area it is her I have no doubt. Emma as much as I like her can stop denying the video and just own up to it and finally get Kim Kardashian’s big fat ass out of the news.

    Seeing Emma’s puntang is worth more than gold LOL!!!!!!!

  • looky

    Holy shit my prays have been answered I love this chick, After seeing some of her movies I was just waiting for her nude content to leak. Happy Days!

  • Sandal

    Emma Stone is that sleeper kind of hot chick, not super hot but when naked watch out!

  • ripper

    It is Emma their is no denying it.

  • gleeker

    Emma Stone is bad ass, I love every movie that she is in and now I will be even more excited when a new flick comes out of her. It is always nice seeing actresses on the big screen that you have seen naked. Then you can be like hey, I looked at Emma Stone naked, I rock!

  • Larry Wright

    Emma is absolutely amazing. I would kick my girlfriend to the curb just for the chance to hook up with Emma.

  • Black Beard

    Emma Stone is so homely looking. Don’t get me wrong I would never throw Emma’s homely looking ass out of bed though.

    • Brady

      You are dumb as shit man she is super hot. A ton better than Kim Kardashian’s fake ass.

  • Rock

    I had seen on TMZ and the post where Emma was involved in the hacking scandal that leaked all those nude pictures and video and thought holy shit a Emma Stone sex tape would be enormous. They also showed the documents on what they where trying to block and the tape was one of the documents listed so I would say that right there is proof enough that in fact Emma Stone does really have some sex tapes out there!

  • Luke