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Drew Barrymore Sex Tape

Drew Barrymore Sex Tape Video

Drew Barrymore Sex Tape Video

Woohoo, as any Drew Barrymore fan can tell you, Drew is known to be a bit of a firecracker and confirmed herself to be bi-sexual… now according to sources the new Drew Barrymore sex tape video proves it all true!

While dating The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti the duo had a night of passion that was all caught on film by Fabrizio and then the entire video was shared with a few friends and somehow LOL the video hit the net. According to reports the video is about 30min featuring Drew going down on Fabrizio in what looks to be a VIP lounge of some sort while he has his hands on the recording device (cell phone) and down Drew’s pants that eventually end up around her ankles. The very best part of the video is when another super hot chick comes in to join in on the fun and holy crap all we have to say is it must be great to be a bi-sexual celebrity in the VIP section.

Drew Barrymore was asked recently by local paparazzi catching her leaving a bar in L.A. what her thought on the video scandal was and she replied “those where some crazy nights and we liked to have fun, don’t be a hater”.

Calls to both Drew and Fabrizio’s reps have not been returned, however after her recent comment to the paparazzi we pretty much know where they stand on the issue.

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