Daniela Cicarelli Sex Tape Video

A video of Daniela Cicarelli having sex in the ocean with her boyfriend has caught on tape by paparazzi that was in the area featuring her investment banker lover Renato Malzoni Filho and we have the Daniela Cicarelli sex tape video now for all to watch full and uncut.

She was voted “The Muse of Summer 2001” in a public vote in Brazil and her success made her a big star in that country leading to a gig hosting the show “Dance o Clipe” on MTV Brazil.

There was also recently leaked video of the absolute bombshell in bed, doing whatever Renato wants her to do including the talked about hard anal scene. We are not sure what it is about Brazilian women but damn do they know how to grind better than any nationality we know of.

Calls to Daniela’s reps confirmed the video was her but said “they did not have sex they where just messing around in the ocean”. Yeah ok, we believe you everyone straddles their boyfriend in the ocean laying back moaning. ;)

[UPDATE] – Another video in a local motel has become available of Daniela giving an un-named male a blowjob after the two are done eating some food on the balcony, we have to say she is just awesome!

  • Judith H

    Sex in the ocean is awesome! Been there, done that. Just wish it was with her. ;)

    • tao

      Yeah no shit!

  • jeremy g

    Ocean sex is awesome if you ask me! Done it plenty of times and people around never even knew.

  • macandme

    DanielaCicarelli I never even heard of this celeb. But thanks for putting it out there sextape! Brazilian hotties = yay!!

  • tao

    ‘They weren’t having sex’ Uh yeah B.S. Those two were bumping and grinding. Woohoo!

  • Terence

    This is the vid that cost millions of Brazilians youtube. I don’t live there but I’m sure if I did I’d put up a stink to if I don’t get my youtube

  • slow ride

    Mr beach lover was a lucky man that day : )

  • Very nice

    I like to watch more

    • Terence

      Well keep pressing play there poncho

  • Silent and deadly

    Wow Daniela Cicarelli having sex. Thank you!!!

  • Dropdead

    If you’re stuck on a deserted island and you could only have either food or Daniela Cicarelli. I’d go with Daniela Cicarelli. I can eat her too ; )

  • ford focus

    There needs to be more cars in these things

  • ford focus

    She is so hot. Thank you thank you thank you.