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Colin Farrell Sex Tape

Colin Farrell Sex Tape Video

Colin Farrell Sex Tape Video

American model/actress Nicole Narain had a great night of hardcore sex with superstar Colin Farrell and it was all caught on high quality camcorder video for us all to enjoy, so now we have the Colin Farrell sex tape video.

The tape has been tried time and time again to be removed by high powered attorneys, however we have the full tape and will not be removing it any time soon! This is two very sexy superstars going at it for some time doing just about everything in the book and last for about 1 full hour. Nicole Narain a supermodel at the time looks absolutely perfect with the smoothest looking skin on the planet, Colin is not so bad himself with his ripped abs and pretty decent sized manhood.

Calls to Colin’s reps have been returned: “Colin and Nicole were in love at the time of the video doing what a lot of couples do, theirs just happened to leak to the net and as a celebrity you see what happens”. Yup, we seen it ;)

[UPDATE] – Colin has new footage that has supposedly leaked with him and some un-named blond at a local Miami hotel after a party at the club, from our understanding the female is a complete knock-out and the scandal is verified by sources close to the celeb.

[UPDATE] – This man really seems to like to video his sexual encounters and new reports have surfaced of a naughty video with bombshell Michelle Rodriguez filmed back in 2002. Lucky shit!

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