Christina Hendricks Sex Tape Video

Actress Christina Hendricks has recently, according to reports had nude video and photo’s stolen from her cell phone and the thieves instantly made the private Christina Hendricks sex tape video scandal available to the public.

The video in question features what appears to be Christina and her husband Geoffrey Arend getting down and dirty in their apartment in what appears to be video that was not set up and made simply for the couples viewing pleasure. Christina has been said by several media sources to have the perfect body for a woman and we agree totally as her boobies are some of the best celebrity breasts we have seen in our life and her skin is simply flawless! The video is pretty short about 8min of run time, however Geoffrey impresses us the entire 8min by really going at Christina at what seems as hard as he can.

Fun Fact: Christina is actually a natural blond and has been dying her hair red to become a ginger.

Calls to Christina’s reps have not been returned as of yet, however the content was confirmed by her husband Geoffrey after the mobile phone was stolen and the rumors started to hit the net.

  • Dick Maggard

    I’m a huge Firefly fan so this here has just made my millennium! Now if we can just get a tape of Morena Baccarin.

    • Saw 6000

      Sci fy nerds are going to have a field day with this one. She sure does seem to like to get pounded. My kind of geek!

  • Josephine58

    I could use some Christina Hendricks right about now ; )

    • Rveria

      She married Geoffrey Arend. The college kid from Super Troopers who ate all of the weed and kept licking the windows saying how the shnozberries tastes like shnozberries. Just gets better and better!!

    • Saw 6000

      Got some sweaty palms there do ya Josephine58?

      • Saw 6000

        Shoot even I have sweaty palms. Christina Hendricks has been credited as having an ideal woman body. The room is full of sweaty palms from this looker

  • Glen Garry

    Once again the carpet doesn’t match pubes : )

    • Johnboy_7

      You mean the drapes?

      • Glen Garry

        You have to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  • Racer X

    Why didn’t someone tell me of this!!!! I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on.

  • Shon Thunder Cheaks

    Christina Hendricks is a blonde. That is a fun fact

  • Tom’s Jerry

    Saffron and dude from super troopers have a vid of themselves fucking. Nice!!

    • Clancy_clemens

      Only in America!

  • Shoot first

    You make me happy when the skies are gray

  • O’shamas

    What you got right here lad is a a skirt with a purpose. Money!

  • REdrum

    Oh this is pretty smart for this to surface. There are a lot of people in tight circles who know of either of these two. This could prove to be the best thing ever for the both of them.

  • Macabee

    Funniest thing about it is hubby Geoffrey Arend just said yep that was me takin it to my hot ass wife. So she may be mum but he’s smilin from ear to ear!

  • Fun Guy

    I’m a huge fan of both of these people!! I had no idea they even knew each other let alone being married. It’s Beautiful.