Britney Spears Sex Tape Video

Recording artist, entertainer, actress and officially one of the most powerful celebs on the planet Britney Jean Spears according to recent media reports has been busted in all new video featuring the pop star with a still un-named male getting naked and crazy after a party creating the Britney Spears sex tape video scandal.

“Supposedly” some idiot leaked the tape on the internet instead of cashing in on the 100M reward for nude sex tape footage of Britney Spears and now the internet is going crazy about the Britney Spears sex tape video. Anyways, we are not going to say either way what we think however the video of Britney has been asked for about a million times. The sex tape footage shows Britney or someone that looks a hell of a lot like Britney taking a bath and then proceeding to give head very well we might add to an un-named male. The video is quick in length so you really need to pay attention and come to your own conclusion as to if it is indeed Britney or not. Personally we have seen the video and though it does look a lot like Britney we can say with a pretty decent amount of confidence that the video making rounds is not the superstar diva we all know and love.

Calls to Britney’s reps have not been returned as of yet, however she was asked by paparazzi about the video everyone is talking about and she simply smiled.

[UPDATE] – Just recently we have heard that there is a sex tape with her nanny that according to those reports is pretty nasty stuff featuring the two going down on each other taking a few quick breaks here and there to smoke some bud! The Britney Spears sex tapes are all still being denied by Britney.

[UPDATE] – Adnan Ghalib whom Britney dated from 2007-2009 is saying that he has video of Britney and himself getting down and dirty at her house and has said that the video is missing… Missing our ass he knows what he is doing. The video features about 2 hrs of footage said Adnan Ghalib and shows Britney with a pink wig on and was shot in Mexico. Must have been around her little crazy episode that she had around the time she was dating the paparazzi photographer. Either way we are happy!

[UPDATE] – There is new nude pictures of what is said to be Britney from back in early 2005 that show the singer out on a balcony with no underwear and flashing paparazzi below her. From looking at the pics you can see she was doing it on purpose no question about that at all.

  • SarahP

    Boring… The video looks just like her but only lasts like a few minutes, where are the long xxx videos of Britney that everyone keeps talking about?

    • SexTape Admin

      We are still waiting on any footage of the so called long videos of Britney… we only posted this sextape footage as it has been requested by a lot of members. And as always if anyone brings us any amount of legit nude footage of Britney we offer a very nice reward ;)


    • Carter James

      Boring? I say its a great video! What you talkin bout Willis?

    • AppMe

      Yeah not sure what the fuck you are talking about getting to watch Britney Spears one of the most famous celebrities on the planet get fucked and you say it’s boring? You must be hanging at pornhub to much. I liked the Britney Spears videos and loved looking at her pussy. I mean did you guys look at that little thing. I would have never thought Britney Spears pussy was so small. I guess she has not been ran through like all these other celebs going after the biggest blackest dude they can find like Kim K did/ does/is probably doing right now. hahahahaha!

  • KimK

    Britney is a train wreck just waiting to happen… I know she will have a tape leak to you guys sooner or later.

  • Jimmy-K

    I wounder how feels about her sextape stuff? I like Britney and would love to see her do well. On the other hand I want to see her nude celeb videos as well.

  • lookin

    Ooops she did it again! HA!

    • BIG T

      Good one. like non of us had thought of that a thousand times.

  • troy locker

    I like Britney but damn does anyone really want to have sex with her, she just has that nasty vibe about her. 10 years ago hell yeah I would tap that ass but now, not so much. Don’t get me wrong I would not throw her out of the bed but, I would not lose any sleep over not sleeping with the girl. When will sextape get the long Britney videos btw?…

    • Tim

      FAIL! Id HIT IT!

  • Tim

    People dog Britney but I would dog style the hell out of her!

  • Busted

    Hey you can see her pussy in the hot tub. Britney Spears has a meaty pussy LOL!

  • Jtgmat


  • marley

    wow.. fuck you

  • golf_fan


    • BIG T

      Yeah the Britney Spears nude pictures of her pussy do not look the best. Looks kinda meaty and loose, however anyone here male or female would tap Britney’s ass in a millisecond. If anyone here says no they wouldn’t you are just a damn liar, because anyone in their right mind would 24/7!!!!


  • Granny

    Britney and the entire cast walked off the show last night because someone was so bad. I guess they are following her “walking off” idea and running with it. Way to go Britney!

  • Reggie L

    Is it me or is Britney not getting as much publicity as she used to get??

  • Eldon

    Sure would like to see a brand new sex tape from Brit… I used up her other one pretty good. lol

  • jeremy g

    Every single morning and again at night I grab my dong hard and pull it tight! You go Brit!

  • billie b

    hi my name is billie b. does anybody remember when they used to call them bj,s?

  • LANCE alot

    She fucks like it was here first time. She needs lessons from me.

  • Sexysuzie

    Her songs suck. Her movies suck. Her life sucks. Slayer!!

  • sam62

    I just watched this BritneySpears sex tape. I’m thinking the girl in the video, if not her, then some long lost identical twin!

  • Stacy Helped

    Man have I got some information on Britney Spears for ya! Back in the day in Kentwood, Louisiana the good ol’ Britney that you all love and hate was having sex with dudes at like 15years old, believe me I know. Britney was used more than a bathroom door. I am not saying that it is a bad thing as we all had sex at a early age back then for sure. However, people used to think she was so innocent and such a great role model and well that was just not the case. I remember when she did a shoot for Disney and then after the shoot had sex in the bathroom with her then boyfriend… She came out all sweaty and he was zipping up his pants.

    You may ask yourself how I know this, well I was along for the ride with her back in the day my name is Stacy and if she reads this Britney will know who it is. Remember the people that helped make you famous! Sucks when a celebrity hits it big and then forgets about all the people that made it happen for them.

    Britney I still love you like a sister but damn you sure did turn your head on a lot of people that helped you in the past when we where young ;)

    Oh and as far as Britney Spears sextapes yeah I am positive that she has tons of them somewhere. As she had a dedicated sex room in her mansion in California. I heard of some crazy shit going on in there with other A List celebrities. I can’t wait for those babies to leak to the net. I am sure she can fuck like a stallion!


    • Peter_Pan

      Sounds like someone is a bit of a hater on Britney.

  • Drop Dead Fred

    HOLY CRAP! It is a no wounder Britney turned her head on you as you sound like a complete head case. This page seems to be dedicated to Britney Spear Nude sex-tape footage and really not a place to go off on her like a crazy nutt job. I have always like Britney and probably always will. I love that she is now a judge and has the opportunity to make other people rich and famous. If Britney somehow reads this, just tell the haters girl to GFY ;)

  • Edwin Vega

    Do your thing girl.

  • Lori Jones Likley

    Britney has always been involved in scandals because she has dated some tools in the celeb industry… I did just a quick search of some of her ex-boyfriends and some of them are known for other celebrity sextapes: Charlie Ebersol, David Lucado, Adnan Ghalib, Jason Trawick, Howie Day, Isaac Cohen, J.R. Rotem, Kevin Federline, Jason Alexander, Columbus Short, Colin Farrell, Fred Durst, Wade Robson, Justin Timberlake, Robbie Carrico, Eminem, Mario Lopez and we all know that Adnan who says he has the sex tapes of the couple is a complete idiot. Britney is really trying to turn her life around and now has a show in Las Vegas “Sin City” I hope she can stay out of trouble and keep the camera out of the bedroom.

  • clyde

    I have seen the Britney Spears show in Vegas and thought it was pretty cool. I am so ready to watch her porn video, I bet it is cooler.

  • Ranny_M

    lol… I remember when the paparazzi guy Britney dated was trying to shop the videos he said he had of the couple having sex. Then she also dated guys like Fred Durst and Colin Farrell. Hell, if Britney Spears did not have some tapes out there I would be surprised considering the company she has kept.

  • Erin

    This girl has dated such tools. I remember when all the scandals first started hitting the web, everywhere you looked it said download the Britney Spears porn videos here but none of the sites really had the tapes. I am glad you guys report the real deal on Britney. I did see all the photos though of like Britney Spears in the shower and the ones that showed her pussy plain as day. Who would have thought that Britney Spears had such a nice kitty cat. lmaorotf, Isn’t she dating some gazillionair oil Barron now? I wounder why she is even working in Las Vegas. Shit man if I was dating someone with that kind of money I would not work and just travel the world.

  • Tom M


  • Open Up & Say Aww

    After all this girl has gone through in her life and all the crazies she has dated it would not suprise me one bit if all of a sudden there was a Britney Spears sex tape hit the web. Will I watch it?… Yup, along with the rest of the planet.