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Britney Spears Rumored Sex Tape

Britney Spears Sex Tape Video

Britney Spears Sex Tape Video

Recording artist, entertainer, actress and officially one of the most powerful celebs on the planet Britney Jean Spears according to recent media reports has been busted in all new video featuring the pop star with a still un-named male getting naked and crazy after a party creating the Britney Spears sex tape video scandal.

“Supposedly” some idiot leaked the tape on the internet instead of cashing in on the 100M reward for nude sex tape footage of Britney Spears and now the internet is going crazy about the Britney Spears sex tape video. Anyways, we are not going to say either way what we think however the video of Britney has been asked for about a million times. The sex tape footage shows Britney or someone that looks a hell of a lot like Britney taking a bath and then proceeding to give head very well we might add to an un-named male. The video is quick in length so you really need to pay attention and come to your own conclusion as to if it is indeed Britney or not. Personally we have seen the video and though it does look a lot like Britney we can say with a pretty decent amount of confidence that the video making rounds is not the superstar diva we all know and love.

Also, just recently we have heard that there is a sex tape with her nanny that according to reports is pretty nasty stuff featuring the two going down on each other taking a few quick breaks here and there to smoke some bud! The Britney Spears sex tapes are all still being denied by Britney.

Calls to Britney’s reps have not been returned as of yet, however she was asked by paparazzi about the video everyone is talking about and she simply smiled.

[UPDATE] – Adnan Ghalib whom Britney dated from 2007-2009 is saying that he has video of Britney and himself getting down and dirty at her house and has said that the video is missing… Missing our ass he knows what he is doing.

[UPDATE] – There is new nude pictures of what is said to be Britney from back in early 2005 that show the singer out on a balcony with no underwear and flashing paparazzi below her. From looking at the pics you can see she was doing it on purpose no question about that at all.

PLEASE NOTE: Not every sex tape scandal that makes the news becomes a released tape. Just because we have an article on the latest celeb scandal does not mean that the tape is available.
Note: Not all sex tapes scandals on the news feeds and stories are available for public viewing. Legal restraints keep many of them from seeing the light of day.

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