Brandi Glanville Sex Tape Video

A Brandi Glanville sex tape video is what we want to see right? As the story goes the “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” star was in the bathroom with some unknown dude at an actual shooting at Kyle Richards’ recent White Party and was “caught by her friends having sex in the bathroom”.

Brandi was in the bathroom with a dude having… well ya know intercourse when the girls/co-stars caught her, “we could not believe what she was doing, she was banging the dude she hardly knew in the bathroom with one foot up on the sink!”.

The only thing that is making us at SexTape a little suspicious is that RadarOnline is known for kind of extending the truth. We believe she was having sex with just some random guy in the bathroom… yes… however was the entire thing caught on tape?… we doubt it but as usual we will follow this one very close.

Calls to Brandi’s reps about the sex videos have gone un-returned as of right now.

  • Camille

    Verry sexy ! Do you sex me and you ?

  • Mankind66

    Okay hands down this one is my favorite. There’s something about being a reality star that just makes these women all kind of super hot!

    • routeforme

      I think it probably has less to do with her being a reality star and more to do with her willingness to do what ever is asked of her ; ). That and she happens to be smoking hot!!

  • envytime

    I have to admit I am soooo addicted to reality tv. But how can I not be when you have hotties like Brandi Glanville?! And she’s now supposedly caught up in a sex scandal of her own. How Beverly Hills House wifey is that?!!!!!!

  • swordy

    I’m ready and willing as soon as Brandi is (call me)!

  • penandtack

    Wow, In a bathroom, ey? That’s a whole lot of class we got there ain’t it?

    • leiitdown

      Like you’d kick her out of bed!

  • leiitdown

    Who’s got two thumbs and is mos def gonna watch the new season of Beverly Hills Housewives? This guy!

  • eljeffe

    Reality star on a show called Real Housewives of Beverly Hills likes to have sex with strangers in public. Hmmmm, go figure

  • [email protected]

    I wonder if the carpet matches the pubes?

  • Jerry

    I would lick her up and down after a 7 mile run!

  • redsallymine

    Okay it’s one thing to be “caught” naked having sex on tape it’s completely different to get straight busted by your friends gettin with it in a bathroom at a house party. And how good of friend’s could they be? Not only did they peak in on you but they got the story here!

  • penandtack

    I never said I would kick her out of bed. I was just pointing out the obvious. But full disclosure it does not take a whole lot of class to wind up in bed with me

  • cerio

    brandi Glanville is pure hotness. Her friends should of joined in.