Kim Kardashian Best Sex Tape Video Award

We have been asked about a million times what’s the best naughty celebrity sex tape of all time… So, we decided to take a little poll and after 400,000 user votes the results are in with the Kim Kardashian sex tape winning the award hands down!

Our poll featured the current top 5 most downloaded videos: Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Kendra Wilkinson, Shauna Sand or other. The winner by a huge margin was non other than the Kim Kardashian tape with rapper Ray J as no surprise to us. Kim Kardashian received over 68% of the votes blowing away every other celebrity on the list. Paris Hilton came in second at around 17%. So as you can very well see the public feels very strongly that Kim Kardashian’s famous interracial sex tape with Ray J is the big winner!

So there ya have it… celebrities that are thinking about “leaking” a celebrity sex tape need to take note from the “Kim K Superstar” video if they are to be successful, as the film has now been labeled “The Best Sex Tape Ever!” Who is going to step up and take Kims #1 best sex tape trophy?… Only time will tell!

[UPDATE] – Farah Abraham had an all time high record for downloads on the launch of her new released sex tape… Will she be able to beat Kim K Superstar numbers overall. Only time will tell.

[UPDATE] – As we predicted for a couple years now… the Kim Kardashian sex tapes are now officially the most watched adult video ever. This is not just the most watched celebrity sex tapes, this is the most “adult porn video” overall watched in the world for all time.

  • Kerry

    I am not surprised, that skank is in the news on every site every day.

  • justin

    That’s my girl Kim you just won the best sex tape ever made! What are you going to do now???
    “Go To Disney World!” LOL

    • Goofy_Chick

      HAHAHA Good one ;)

  • Soccer-26

    I beg to differ, Kim Kardashian was a good sex tape but best ever made…. nah not for me. I still like the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tapes the best. They where the real deal and not made to further their careers. Kim and Ray J set that video up you can totally tell the entire time. Ray J looks like he is trying out for a movie roll and Kim puts on her makeup before they start having sex? I think a sex tape should be verified a few different ways before it is labeled a sex tape. One it has to be a celebrity and two it has to be real and not a career builder made on purpose. This of course is just my opinion on the issue.


  • blazzing

    I remember reading a story somewhere that said in one day the video was downloaded over 1M times. That is a lot of downloads by us pervs.

  • Sail-Away

    Yup the Kim K Superstar video is the best celebrity sex tape I have ever seen. Hell it is better than most porn you can find. I liked it.

    • bloke

      I honestly can say without a doubt that my all time favorite sex tapes in order would be Kim Kardashian, Noelia Monge and Karissa Shannon, see a trend here, yea they all slept with black guys with huge dicks. Not sure why that is such a turn on for me. Hell I have even let my wife sleep with a well hung black guy and it was the most I have ever been turned on in my life (the wife seemed to like it as well)

      • Mrme

        Be a man bro, don’t act like a bitch, you can’t handle your own woman so you have another man fuck her. You are truely the lowest a man can sink

        • DJ Celeb

          No kidding right… sounds like dude has some issues. I will never get how guys let other men pound on their women, makes no sense to me at all.

          Oh and Kim Kardashian is the bomb ;)

  • will

    Yup no doubt

  • latinlove

    WTF Shakira is much better, come on ya’ll she was not even an option.


    Kim Kardashian was the best sex tape ever made so far, but I wounder who is going to be the next big celebrity exposed video? The Kim video is what now like 5 years old??? I am waiting and praying for Megan Fox or Eva that would be nice ;) It seems as though they come and go in 5 year sperts so we are due for something big. I am going to put my money on Miley Cyrus, watch and remember I said so in the next year or so.

  • spencer

    Kim K Superstar was a is a damn good video as far as sex tapes are concerned.

    • celebcop


  • Lou_Chen

    It is a good video.

  • Channel

    You gotta love Kim Kardashian she is a great one and really set the bar for sex-tapes now, good for her and her award for best sex tape. clap clap clap

  • Pards

    I believe you guys hit the nail right on the head with this one. Kim Kardashian is by far the best celebrity adult video I have seen and I have watched them all. She is a tiger in the sack with Ray J the only problem I see with the video is you can tell it was set up for release to the public, I like em when they are more taboo.

  • Troy T.

    Kim Kardashian nah, I like Katie Price Jordon and Pamela Anderson more than Kim. I am a breast man though ;)

  • antoine

    Good video