Anne Hathaway Sex Tape Video

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway has been caught up in what could be one of the dirtiest little secret sex tapes scandal of all time with the leaking of the new Anne Hathaway sex tape video.

The story goes that Anne and Italian real estate developer Raffaello Follieri had made some sex videos of themselves at a New York hotel around 2005 featuring the duo having sex in a very lavish bathroom. The video features complete nudity and full sex, in fact the video is said to be pretty hardcore. Raffaello is pretty ruff with Anne in the video grabbing and smacking her ass very hard while Anne is also extremely vocal during the entire video. The run time is a short at only 7 minutes, however we feel any amount of time that you get to see Anne Hathaway nude and getting the high hard one is plenty for us ;)

Anne left Raffaello who was sent to prison in 2008 and started dating Adam Shulman in 2008 and they are now married.

Calls to Anne’s reps confirmed that “Anne has heard about the videos and was extremely upset that Raffaello would stoop so low after all they have been through.”

  • Ghin

    Even though the sex tape scandal is only 7 minutes or so I only needed 2 of those minutes *embarrased* Anne is so sexy it is crazy. I can see why billionairs want to tape errr tap that ass.

    Cheers Mates!

    • Fez

      Huh . . . I only needed 30 seconds. But I’m chalking it up to how super fine Anne Hathaway is. Nothing to do with my performance issues and all.

    • Salve

      Billionaires? Shit I’m broke as a joke and I want to tap that ass.

    • Faron

      All in good fun!

  • Fiere

    “All they had been through” Didn’t he end up in the slammer? That would be clue one that for me that he’d leak a tape of the two getting it on!

    • Mavis

      They dated in 2004 and I think he didn’t hit the clink until 2008. Though I think she broke if off with him after finding out about the FBI investigations against him. Not the kind of thing you ask for in a break up I suppose

      • clue

        I guess Raffaello Follieri had swindled million from investors posing as the Vatican real estate developer. That really takes some balls! Good thing Anne Hathaway moved on from there . . . except for the vids and nudity and all

  • Nan

    Cat woman is on here. Now that’s show biz!!

  • Jungle George

    A bit of a turn off when the celebs are now off the market for some reason. She married in 2012 which means we’ll miss out on all of the beautiful bliss we could have had together. But then again it is Hollywood, give it a week or so and I’ll be back in the running. Woo hoo!

    • Ralph

      Ya know it does seem that there is some sort of naughty housewife thing going on between all of these celebs. So there ya go, you don’t even have to wait that long.

    • Janestown

      Shit speak for yourself! There’s not a thing that Anne Hathaway could do to be a turn off. She’s gorgeous, she’s smart, she looks good in spandex and a whip. She has it all!!

  • clue

    True that. Can’t have a respectable celeb site without some dirt on Selena Kyle : )

  • Milady

    Anne Hathaway! She’s the last person on here that I would suspect would be involved in some racy content. Well the last person would be mom I suppose. But still the second to last person is Anne Hathaway!!

  • Spitz

    Not my mom (sigh)

  • Frank

    Anne Hathaway was in Broke Back mountain! She was the one of the one’s not taking it in the duke.

    • SamIam

      Her performance was stellar in the flic. Though the only thing anyone ever remembers from that movie was the gay butt sex.

      • bev

        Yep take out the sword fight in the movie and Anne Hathaway has an Oscar.