Amber Rose Sex Tape Video

American model, recording artist, actress, socialite and former stripper Amber Rose has been caught up in a sex tape video scandal made before she gave the stripper lifestyle up and after hooking up with Wiz Khalifa generating the Amber Rose sex tape video buzz.

The video that is said to feature a man that looks stunningly like Kim Kardashian’s current man Kanye West features the two in a fancy hotel with Amber showing her stripper skills in full detail. She starts off giving the “un-known” male oral for a bit then proceeds to let him hit it from behind all recorded by the male featured in the video for approximately 25min. The funny thing is that right in the middle of the two going at it another girl comes over out of no where and starts kissing on Amber and holds what appears to be a joint for her while the guy never misses a beat and is said to overall be a great video.

Calls to Amber’s reps have gone un-returned though she has gone on record stating “I have done some wild and crazy things in my past but have turned a new leaf and would like to forget about that part of my life, though I am not ashamed of it, I would like to move on.”

[UPDATE] – About 50 nude photos of Amber at what appears to be a house party have also recently leaked to the net. We are curious just how much nude content there is of Amber, we are betting there will be much more content come out of the wood works as she becomes more popular and featured on sites like TMZ.

[UPDATE] – Oh snap!… Seems as though there is rumors flying around the net that Amber Rose and Nick Cannon have had a sex tape leak after the break up of Amber and Wiz Khalifa and word is that it is one nasty piece of work. This is so new that we currently have our geeks working on location and verification. We will keep you updated. Nick Cannon also recently took a lie detector test on BBC Radio 1xtra about hooking up with Amber and he failed it with flying colors

[UPDATE] – Amber took to Instagram recently and posted some very sexy photos of herself outside on a balcony that damn near broke the internet again like Kim Kardashian’s recent Paper photos. Now, they are not nude pics per say but the bikini she is wearing leaves little to the imagination and is driving people crazy. We here at SexTape strongly agree that Amber Rose is trying to be the next Kim K and going about it in all the right ways. So, good job Amber… good job! Call Us ;)

[UPDATE] – Lol it never seems to end as now even a well respected site like is lying their asses off claiming to have the Amber Rose sex tape and forwarding people to a cliphunter video of some Amber Rose lookalike. The woman in the video is not Amber people. We have looked into the video and for one… the chick in the video has no tattoos that Amber has had for a very long time and two the one tattoo that we can see is on the girls neck and well you guessed it Amber has no neck tattoos. Damn seems like everyone wants to get into the celebrity sex tape biz nowadays. We will of course keep you posted on any real verified sex tape of Amber Rose that comes to light.

  • Barbara Wa Wa

    This is right up my alley!! About time a true stripper got herself into the celebrity limelight. Puffin on the gaung, gettin tagged from behind, dating Wiz Khalifa. Yep true to life stripper girl.

    • Ross

      I’m in love with a stripper

      • Talequa

        That’s T-Pain but shit I ain’t hatin, since she is a mu’ffuckin stripper. Holla!

      • Slip

        Shit I’m in love with THIS stripper

    • Florence and Normandy

      Amber Rose is doin the shit the right way. Become a celeb – check. Profit off of name with launch of product – check. Be seen in a leaked sex vid – check. Get a rapper celeb to put a fat rock on your finger – check. Live it up in some fat digs and rollin in equally fat 22″ rims – hella check!!

  • Jeffry

    May be just me but when I see the name Wiz Khalifa I think of the movie Oz, The Great and Powerful.

    • Rubio

      Yep that’s just you bub. Wiz knows how to play the game! Boy spends 10 large a month on his weed. That’s how you do playa!!

    • PorkChop

      Keep on the look out for these two. Because watch, these two are the next power couple. She’s a fucking bombshell and he’s, well, a Wiz.

  • Down Unda

    Ah hell yeah! Amber Rose you officially have the nicest titties I’ve ever seen.

  • Armandy

    Ooh la la chica, chica! Me likey

  • Lawnmower Man

    A couple of hottie strippers, one takin it from behind like a good girl should and the other practicing up the puff puff pass. What more can you possibly ask for in a leaked sex scandal video?

  • Take Time Timmy

    Lovin the nude shots honey. Rumor has it you have more where that comes from. Do yourself, and everybody else, a favor and keep ’em comin.

  • Slip

    I came here to see Amber Rose as a boy but fuck me if ain’t leaving a man. LOL : )

  • Steve Washington

    Damn dis bitch has got a body! Amber and Wiz Khalifa just broke up, I wounder how long it will be before their tapes leak to the net. Mark my word it will happen!

  • Phil Ed

    The Amber Rose sex tape is good. Dis chick is straight nasty in the bed. I am not sure if you guys know but she is no longer with Wiz and Steve was right. Here is an excerpt from Amber’s wiki:
    “Rose filed for divorce from Khalifa on September 22, 2014, citing irreconcilable differences and plans to take full custody of son Sebastian.” Now maybe I can have a chance to hit that! LOL

  • Luke

    This is not the first time Nick Cannon has been caught up in his own sex scandal. What’s funny is Amber used to be nothing more than just a high priced hoe, now she is a well known celebrity. She must have some fire pussy or something, wish I knew for sure.

  • Rasta Muba

    Lol Amber Rose may have a sex tape??? Shit man I would not be surprised if she had more than one that is for sure with the amount of men she has banged. That booty has been up in the air more than a hot air balloon. Funny though that right after the break up with Wiz all of a sudden hey are both in nude porn scandals. You all know that she used to be nothing but a high priced ghetto hoe right?

    • Hail To The King

      It is well known that Amber Rose has sex tape with Wiz Kalifa. The question is there a tape of her with Kim Kardashian’s man Kanye West as they fucked as well.

  • Billy Goat Lover

    Yup Amber has always been a good trick fo niggas and premium gold digger.

  • Larry Davies

    Hmm let’s see Amber Rose files for divorce from Wiz Khalifa for proof that he was cheating. LOL and Wiz said Amber was supposedly cheating as well with Nick Cannon. On top of that they where rumored to be involved in “swinger” type parties? My god, all these hip hip rappers seems to be swapping “spit” with each other all the time, like Chris Brown and Drake do with all their girls. The need to make a new reality show called “Hip Hop Sex Tapes” that would be a winner! I must say, Amber’s naked booty though is worth watching even though I am not into colored chicks that much. I also saw that there is rumors of a Amber Rose and Aubrey Graham any info on that one? That would be a good one for sure!!!!

  • Morning Wood

    Amber Rose has a sexy ass body, no doubting that one bit, but I just can’t sex down a bald chick, just looks funky.

    • WetOne

      Man fuck that, you don’t fuck Amber Rose’s head man you fuck that sexy ass body and great looking pussy. I mean did you guys look at Amber’s pussy it was beautiful and looked smooth as a bowling ally floor. I want to fuck her in a bad way.

  • Lindsay Rogers

    Amber is so full of shit with that interview where she said her entire focus is on her kids. Basicly right after that she was spotted damn near fucking Chris Brown to “Back That Azz Up” and then it was said they ended up leaving together where I am sure she really did back that ass up right on Chris. Is there any hip hip celebrity female that he has not had sex with?!

  • Peshawar

    Amber Rose is a slutty whore who needs a good fucking by me.



    • Cermac

      Well said and I agree, Amber is smoking hot!

  • Blade9656
  • Augusta

    I’m in love with a stripper. lol

  • Luke Thomas

    This shit is to funny… Amber Rose is Hip Hop’s doorknob that everyone uses. Dis bitch be crazy! Sexy as hell though for sure. ;O

  • Phillip

    Did you guys see the new nude photos of Amber Rose? I did, and think that this little boo is bad ass… Hell I would say that she is better than Kim Kardashian. I bet that pussy is like gold and I want some of it. Amber got divorced so maybe there’s a chance for a guy like me that would do anything she would ever want and I am rich if that helps.

    • Michael Harvard

      hey philip i can get you in i got fammily that know Amver Rose just send me a text at (412)423-5199

  • Dogz-6969

    After the Amber Rose divorce a Amber Rose & Nick Cannon sex tape leaks. why am I not surprised. I agree though with the masses this could be bigger than Kim K Superstar for sure as Amber is much hotter/sexier.

  • Copper Head

    I have also heard that there may be a sex tape of Amber Rose and Kanye West wich makes total sense as before Kanye was with Kim he was banging on Amber. So, let’s recap… Amber has been with Kanye, Wiz and Nick to just name a few of the rappers she has been fucking with. I would say there is a 99.9% chance that she probably has a porn with each one of them. When I die and get re-incarnated I want to come back as a rapper, seems they get all the good celeb pussy. Amber is going to be the next Kim K.

    • Crystal

      I have no doubt that @CopperHead is right on this one I can almost guarantee that Amber and Kanye have a tape together. As many hood rats as Amber has been with I am sure there is a ton of tapes out there of her.

  • Robert Green

    Wow! The Kardashians, specificly Khloe and Amber Rose are fighting on Twitter about who is the biggest whore… The Kardashians better be careful as I am sure Amber has nude pics and maybe even a sex tape with Kanye West who is of course married to Kim Kardashian. Twitter is blowing the fuck up with the argument. It all started over the youngest Kardashian dating some rapper and Khloe talked shit. I hope Amber leaks some of the nude content she has with Kanye and then maybe Kim will get into the argument. This shit is getting good!

    • Dustin J Lopper

      Amber Rose doesn’t knock Kim Kardashian for her sex tape: “I’m all for a women making something out of nothing” is what she just said in an interview recently about the Kardashian feud. I think Amber is the bigger person here… the Kardashians, Kanye and Wiz keep talking shit on her but she comes back with a bit of class.

  • Booty Chaser

    I would much rather watch Amber having sex on tape than any of the Kardashians. That booty of hers is banging hot! Nick and Wiz are such lucky fuckers to have smacked that ass.

  • Lindsay Hope

    Nick Cannon is a pig… He broke up with Christina because he said she was “boring in bed”… Then divorced Mariah Carey because of his cheating… Well I am sure that Amber Rose is definitely not boring in the bedroom.

  • Nick

    Man I could care less that this big booty hoe is bald. I would tap that in a millisecond. Several sources are saying that Amber did a sextape with Kanye. any news on that? I bet Kim Kardashian would be pissed if it turns out to be for real. Wait a minute… what the hell would she be pissed off for she let Ray J slam her ass. LMAO!!!!

  • J Dog

    Amber & Wiz getting back together…. I wounder how that is going to work out now that they both have tapes with other people out there. Would make pillow talk a bit weird.

  • Eat My Shorts

    Amber showed up at a party that Kanye was at and Kanye exited stage left as fast as he could. I guess he did not want the local paparazzi getting any snapshots of him around his ex-girlfriend. HAHAHAHAHA!

    • Sexy MoFo

      I bet he did…. Kim Kardashian would have kicked his ass!

  • Shit Happens

    I have watched the nude Amber Rose sex tapes and think that they are of her for sure. I can not wait for the Kanye one with her to leak, that is going to be some funny ass shit to see how Kim Kardashian responds to that one.

  • Ron-619

    I do think Amber Rose is smoking hot but I do not really want to watch Kanye fucking Amber. That dude just gets on my nerves.

  • Perino Stirewalt

    Nothing better than watching a long finger slide up Kaney West butt hole. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! PERFECT!!!!!

    • WuFeng

      Takes a freaky bitch to do that to a man and not worry about poop getting on her nails.