Alicia Keys Sex Tape Video

Alicia Augello Cook AKA – Alicia Keys is one of musics most talented female artist on the planet however now she may very well now also be known for the crazy good Alicia Keys sex tape video scandal according to recent reports.

Sources report that Alicia has had a sex video tape leak with ex-boyfriend producer Kerry Brothers Jr. that was filmed in or around 2002. The video is said to feature Alicia before she became a super celeb and Kerry having a steamy sexual encounter at Kerry’s home all caught on tape. The video was filmed with pretty decent quality and run time is about 20min long of full nudity and intercourse, there was also about 30 nude pictures of the couple taken over a few years.

This all came about after someone who bought a used cell phone on Ebay turned out to be Kerry’s old cell phone that was not cleaned before it was shipped out to the new owner.The UN-named individual that leaked the videos on pictures said “I got the phone and was kind of pissed that it was in bad shape, but when I turned it on and went into settings there was nude video and pics of someone I did not recognize, after showing a friend the content he said that it looked like Alicia Keys. So I then went and searched to see what she looked like and double checked who I got the phone from and holy crap it was Alicia and Kerry!”

Calls to Alicia’s reps have been returned and they told us: “We are looking into the videos in question and would appreciate your privacy in this situation as Alicia is now very happily married to Swizz Beatz and has moved on with her life”. We wounder if Swizz has seen the content and what he thinks about it?

  • Tom

    My god she even sounds good when she just moans HA!

  • Brent

    Not only does the have a voice of an angle she has the body of a goddess. Alicia Keys has always been one of my favorite musicians of all time. She has talent like not a lot of celebs do. We need more women like Alicia. My 2 cents ;)

    • nine

      How is she always gorgeous?! I am impressed with this one. Good job Alicia.

    • Bobby

      She has the full package, with the beauty, the face, the voice, and yes the body! The next time I put on some Alicia Keys I’m turning that shit up to 11.

    • Aapple

      We do need more celebs like Alicia Keys! Not just famous for being famous.

  • Sev

    You know the guy who picked up the phone absolutely shit his pants when he saw Alicia Keys nude photos. I need to start picking up random refurbished phones it looks like

    • Markethe

      I just shit my pants just from seeing this here! Starting to itch maybe I should clean up now

  • Rain

    Alicia Keys likes to run around in her birthday suit. My life is now complete

    • Bobby

      I wouldn’t call it running around. These are vids and pics from her ex’s (butterfingers) phone.

  • Charles Charges

    Oh man this ain’t no thang! I wouldn’t get too much in a huff over this girly. True you didn’t delete your sex naked pics of yourself. But that just makes the rest of us love you that much more : )

    • Ad

      No doubt! Shit I fell in love with her all over again with her song Empire State of Mind. Beautiful!!

      • Markethe

        Her new album is the one to pick up. She went balls out. As opposed to balls deep like Kerry Brothers Jr. was trying to do up in here. Ha!

        • Last FM

          Hey guys just a quick heads up you can download all this artists music files at in tons of formats like: flv, avi, quick time, mov, wmv, wav, wma, mpeg, mp3, mp4 and more. The site is pretty damn awesome if you like music and want to download this specific celebrities work. As far as the sex tape though, you will need to get that from here at as only has the music that has made the celebrity famous in the first place. SexTape is a great site btw… a one of a kind and yes I am a member. ;)

    • Ad

      Actually it seems it was Kerry’s phone so he’s the one who dropped the ball. No idea how he would just up and forget that he had this footage on his phone. You know I sure as hell wouldn’t!!

      • ipood

        Oh I know! You know you’ve got a hectic schedule when you forget you’ve got Alicia Keys on your phone having sex with you.

      • ipood

        You a heart surgeon or somethin? WTH! How do you forget shit like that? And if you are give me a heads up when I come by for my heart surgery that way I know who to sue in case something is left inside of me.

  • Maybel

    and what’s a lil nudity and some sex among friends . . . and complete strangers

    • Maybel

      We call that an orgy

      • Bobby

        . . . or damn good celeb news!

  • Aapple


  • Fiere

    I’m sure Swizz doesn’t give a crap. I’m sure he’s like yeah that’s what I’m tappin yo!