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Abi Titmuss Sex Tape

Abi Titmuss Sex Tape Video

Abi Titmuss Sex Tape Video

Abi Titmuss first became known to the public when her ex-boyfriend, also TV presenter John Leslie, was accused of raping another woman but now fortuanitly for Abi and the public she will be known for the Abi Titmuss sex tape video.

Her tabloid-friendly looks and ease in front of the camera earned her a presenting job on “Richard & Judy” television show. She lost that job when the home sex video of Leslie, Abi Titmuss and another black woman was exposed on the Internet for us! The video is pretty damn good with lots of girl on girl action and several sessions of 3 or more having sex at the same time. If you are an Abi Titmuss fan or a group swinger sex party lover this is a must see for you.

We called her reps about the Abi Titmuss sex tape video and received the following response: “We understand there is some exposed content of Abi floating around and we are currently looking into the situation.”

[UPDATE] – Abi Titmuss finally admitted to the sex tapes to local paparazzi saying: “I had a great time and have no remorse about what I did and still love my friends that where in the video with me.” That is what we like to hear finally admitting it after everyone already knows ;)

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